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Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live title “Ghostscape” Coming November 30th!

November 12, 2011 3 Comments

Yes thats right! You heard it here first! Ghostscape has just been announced as coming 11/30/11 via one of the developers twitter. @NemoKrad i.e. Charles Humphrey(of no relation to Kim..I mean Kris!) simply tweets:  “#Ghostscape has finally got a release date 30/11/11!!! Check out the game site ghostscapegame.com #XNA #WP7 #Game #Puzzle

The game as you may know was announced over a year ago with the initial launch of the Windows Phone 7 Platform. Psionic Games, the gaming studio behind it all has been around for quite some time, but this will be the first game developed exclusively for the WP7 . Here is the trailer as well as photos and brief synopsis of the game. I don’t know about you gypsies but I look forward to playing this awesome Xbox Live title soon.


This is a new version of the original Ghostscape game that I made in flash, but this time it’s exclusively for Windows Phone 7.


it is essentially the same game but with lots of new puzzles, secret rooms, occult items and an extra section of gameplay out in the back garden.


There’s also achievements that tie right into your Xbox Live account and increase your gamerscore, you can also compete to get on the leaderboards and get the top score or fastest time amongst your friends or the world.



The Game looks great! stay tuned for more to come!



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