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WinMobile.se to Close After Microsoft Denies Funding to iPhone Using Editor

November 8, 2011 4 Comments

This is a tricky one here.

WinMobile.se editor-in-chief Toni Johansson just informed the world that he will be shutting down the leader on Windows Phone news in Sweden. That in itself is a pretty sad story but it gets pretty weird once you hear why.

Toni was looking for funding from Microsoft to give his site a facelift. After months of negotiating, he was turned down because of what showed underneath his email


I have got the money to make a real effort to give your site a facelift – metro design, HTML5, I’ve signed the people that will do the work, and also checked some other things that we could do to help to manage the site – but seriously, – you really put an end to that today (see yellow below).

Not a chance that we’ll continue after this!

Good luck!


Sent from my iPhone


Sincerely Toni

In anger, he has now declared that he will be shutting down the website.

After 6 years as the no 1 leading Windows Phone site in Sweden, winMobile.se is hereby closing the store.

They also remarked that I use an iPad, which I do, its great to write articles on when out travelling for example. The only chance of us getting back on track would be if I stopped using the iPhone privately. So, Im thinking…if Microsoft would like to start controlling my life, where will it stop? I got a NAS running Linux, will I have to give that up? My spouse doesn’t use a Windows Phone, does she has to switch phone too? Considering their truly childish behavior you never know.

Although I do not agree with Anders Wedahl, the Microsof employee who wrote the email, if I was asking for cash from McDonalds – I wouldn’t walk in there with a Burger King Crown on. Anders Wedahl from Microsoft didn’t have to reply with such a taunting email and Microsoft should see to it that its employees stay professional. I believe Toni should have seen to it that he used a Windows Phone when dealing with Microsoft or atleast hid that small little part about using an iPhone.

What do you guys think? Who’s right? Who’s Wrong?

Hopefully WinMobile.se stays open as it remains a great spot for news in Sweden.






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  • Brad Billman

    Childish on both parts and likely stupid on both parts.  I would have to say if you are asking for money you have to be out of your mind to do so with a competitor branding on your request. 

    Personally I think MS should have denied but more professionally.  Why would you give money to someone that obviously does not actually believe in your product.

  • http://www.facebook.com/richeymeister Mark Richey

    Who writes an important email to a multi-billion dollar company on their smartphone? Might be more to this than meets the eye as well.

  • Ryssfemma

    It is like that, the editor of the website have been writing about Microsofts products and been giving support, especially Mobile Units from Microsoft in 6 years and he havent put up any ads, he only spent his free time and money. Microsoft agreed to support the website to rebuild it, and make it more attractive for the swedish public, but “Sent from my iPhone” was enough. The problem is, the editor has himself asked the readers how he can fix the problem with his Omnia 7, because Zune bricked it when i tried to update to mango, and Microsoft or Samsung is not giving him support.

    It seems that winmobile.se wants a more professional denial.

  • Batman3

    Personally I think the whole thing is hilarious. I love the McDonalds comparison. This guy should have used his computer and we wouldn’t be here talking about it today

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