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Port of Pandora Radio to Windows Phone Simple – Concept App Available

October 10, 2011 No Comments

Many Windows Phone fans have been waiting for a Pandora app on the marketplace but so far none have been made available from Pandora. Now Justin Angel, Silverlight and Windows Phone developer, has found some interesting tidbits about the Pandora AIR app.

He tweeted about his finding earlier today:
“Playing a @pandora_radio “internal-tuner.pandora.com” MP4 on my WP7 right
now. From a technical perspective a WP7 Pandora app is quite easy.”

“Finished decompiling @pandora_radio AIR app. this can DEFINITELY be ported
to WP7. It’s all JSON auth and MP4s. WTF Pandora? Just port this.”

“@pandora_radio you’ve got some ‘splainin to do! Your format matches WP7
specs to the letter. Where’s your WP7 app?”

 Justin Angel not only explained to everyone that a Pandora app was very simple to create using technology that they are already using but he went the extra mile and created a sample Pandora app.

So the questions is… Pandora, where is your Windows Phone app and what is taking so long?

You can find Justin’s concept Pandora app here for those of you with unlocked devices.

Here is a quick clip of his concept Pandora app taken by wpcentral

Source:  Justin Angel, WPcentral

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