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Joe Belfiore: No Mango This Week (Still Might Land this Month)

September 16, 2011 3 Comments

So no Mango update yesterday and no Mango today either. Joe Belfiore has made it clear that there will be no Mango update for the masses all this week. In a tweet yesterday he stated:

On a positive note, all signs do lead to the Mango update being released this month.

His indication of that Mango will land upon us in the fall is one thing but then he actually linked to this page where it actually shows us the first day of fall. Not only is that hilarious but one might get the idea that it might be a hint at the actual date for Mango.

September 23rd is as good a day as any but don’t get your hopes up. For any that are disappointed, don’t take it too hard. The original rumor was September and all signs are still pointing to that being true as we now narrow it down to the last week of this month.


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