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Tap Shot: Game Review

September 7, 2011 2 Comments

Tap Shot for Windows Phone has been available on Windows Phone for about 2 weeks now and it has accumulated a 4 star average so far. The .99 cents game Tap Shot feels like a shooter for your thumbs at times and you have to be lightning quick if you want to be any good at the game.

The game is very simple – See the target and hit it. It doesn’t however mean that it is an east game to master. Me saying that you need a fast reaction time for the game is an understatement.  Targets appear all over the place at times and you can never be too sure what you are about to hit because you have false targets populating as well. The game has 3 levels and by the last one you have eagles and bats as targets that move quickly from side to side. The game is tons of fun and worth the .99 cents price for the time killer.


What I didn’t like about the game? It’s short! With only 3 levels, you aren’t really given too much of a variation on the game. Hopefully ‘Ecriep’ the developer will continue to work on the game to add more levels and different kinds of targets. Aside from wanting more game out of Tap shot, it could also really benefit from a global leader-board. It is the perfect game to spark competition worldwide.

Nonetheless, Tap Shot is a great small scale game to have as a time killer on your Windows Phone.



Download For Windows Phone

Game Info:

Tap Shot is a fast paced action shooter! Shoot the targets as quickly and accurately as possible to gain more points and time. The longer you survive each level the more challenges you will face, but also greater rewards!

Shoot the targets as fast as you can in this fast paced action shooter. Dont miss and score extra points and earn more time.

Can you be the top of the highscore boards?


  • 3 Action Packed levels
  • Highscore boards
  • Music and SoundFX
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