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WP7 Xbox Live Closer Look: Fight Game Rivals (Achievements, Gameplay, Images)

August 20, 2011 No Comments

Microsoft announced a legion of new games coming to Windows Phone via Xbox Live. Here we take a closer look at Fight Game: Rivals, the game looks to be a serious heavy weight when it drops on Windows Phone, Fight Game: Rivals is like nothing we have seen on WP7 yet and I for one can’t wait till I get a hold of it.



Fight Game: Rivals is a 3-D game seen mostly from a 2-D perspective. The gameplay is presented as a series of tournaments against increasingly more difficult opponents. Before each tournament starts, a fighter from a roster of six must be chosen. Each fighter brings a unique set of Fighting Skills to a tournament. All Fighting Skills are recognizably based on Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Styles. The tournaments last several rounds against different opponents. Tournaments are located in a “real” world setting, as opposed to sporting venues or rings. Tournaments take fighters all the way from “newbie” back alleys to a glamorous penthouse on top a modern skyscraper. Fighters will earn credits for winning (and even participating) in tournaments. Credits can be spent on obtaining new fighting locations, skills and fighter outfits. Credits are always shared between all six fighters from the roster.

To attack the opponent, a Fighting Skill has to be chosen. Fighting Skills can be assigned before a Tournament and between rounds, which allow the player to personalize fighters options. Many Fighting Skills can be obtained but only a maximum of five fighting Skills can be taken into a fight. Fighting Skills have various effects, the most obvious is a range of damage that a Fighting Skill can inflict upon an opponent. Basic Fighting Skills inflict lesser damage and are very easy to perform. More advanced Fighting Skills have the potential to do a lot more damage but can be countered if the Timing Game is performed very badly. The choice of Fighting Skill is one of weighing the risk versus the reward.

To determine exactly how much damage a Fighting Skill will inflict, a Timing Game is started immediately after selection of the Fighting Skill. If the Timing Game is performed well, the Fighting Skill will deal the maximum amount of damage from its damage range. If it is performed badly, a Fighting Skill could do little or no damage at all. The opponent will also perform the Timing Game (AI controlled) in the background. The difference in performance between the two fighters determines the final amount of damage dealt.

Both fighters begin with a full health bar. The “player” is allowed to start first and will do so by selecting a skill from their skill set.

The selected skill triggers the Timing Game. Timing Games test a player’s reflexes and quick judgment. Timing Games are played by tapping appropriate buttons on the screen before they disappear. These buttons can be of varying sizes, appear in multitude and can even be buttons that should not be touched which reduce the score of the Timing Game when accidentally tapped. The higher the damage range of a Fighting Skill, the more difficult it is to perform a Timing Game perfectly.


Know The Feeling: Win your first fight Won your first fight – 5
Achievemtn earned for winning yourfirst fight. Comes from expression”Only A Fighter Knows The Feeling”

On Your Way To Glory:  Win your first tournament Won your first tournament - 10

Legendary  Win all tournaments with all fighters - 25
Fought and won every single tournament in the game with allavailable fighters

Hammerfall:  Win a fight against Alistair Overeem – 15
You have defeated mixed martial arts champion Alistair Overeem.

Over The High Tower:  Win a fight against Semmy Schilt – 15
Viral achievement to add three different players to your team, creating a social link to the other players.

Powerhouse:  Defeat an opponent in the tournament in 5 rounds or less – 5

Dedicated Fighter:  Finished a tournament from start to finish in a single session – 10
You are awarded this achievement when you start a tournament and finish it in the same play session.

Faster:  Unlock and buy your first Dexterity skill – 5

Stronger:  Unlocked and bought your first Strength skill – 5

Tougher:  Unlocked and bought your first Endurance skill – 5

Simply Skilled:   Buy all skills of a single fighter - 10
Bought all the skills that one fighter can learn during the entire game.

Fighting Master:  Buy all skills of every available fighter – 15
Bought all the skills that one fighter can learn during the entire game, but this time for every available fighter.

Fighter Fashion:  Unlock first new fighter variation – 5
Unlocked the first new fighter

Déjà Vu:  Log in for 10 consecutive days – 10
Log into the game every day, for 10 days in a row.

Public Transport:  Unlocked Highview Metro Station – 10
Play the game, win fights and win tournaments until you unlock this location.

Asian Festival:  Unlock Asian Alley Unlocked Asian Alley – 10
Play the game, win fights and win tournaments until you unlock this location.

Paradise Gained:   Unlock Phang Nga Beach Unlocked Phang Nga Beach - 10
Play the game, win fights and win tournaments until you unlock this location.

King Of The Harbor:  Unlock Saltstone Harbor Unlocked Saltstone Harbor - 10
Play the game, win fights and win tournaments until you unlock this location.

The Penthouse View:  Unlock Hillcrest Penthouse Unlocked Hillcrest Penthouse – 10
Play the game, win fights and win tournaments until you unlock this location.

On Sacred Ground:  Unlock Ruins of Angkor Wat Unlocked Ruins of Angkor – 10
Play the game, win fights and wintournaments until you unlock this location.

Classes (advanced game play)

Although the game can be played and won by casual players, there is an additional layer of customization and skill available to those players that want a deeper experience. This is linked to one of three Attributes. Every fighter has a main (governing) Attribute. Most Fighting Skills that a fighter will unlock are of the same main governing Attribute. Fighting Skills are always linked to only one of the three available Attributes:

Fighting Skills represented by an icon, the color describes the Attribute.

A red skill icon signifies STRENGTH, white is used for DEXTERITY and yellow is ENDURANCE.

Depending on the Fighting Skills equipped, a fighter will receive values in each of the three Attributes. Each equipped Fighting Skills’ Attribute adds 5% extra damage to all Fighting Skills of the same Attribute. Some Fighting Skills will temporarily add or reduce an Attribute to gain a strategic advantage in the next turn.

Fighters with a higher value in an Attribute than their opponent will receive a bonus accordingly to that difference when they choose a Fighting Skill of the same Attribute.

Quite simply put: a fighter that has equipped more STRENGTH Fighting Skills will receive a small bonus when fighting an opponent that has less STRENGTH Fighting Skills equipped.

Knowing an opponent makeup of statistics beforehand will greatly help in equipping the right Fighting Skills to effectively defeat them. We consider this to be the deepest layer of mastering the game which will only be considered and used by a percentage of gamers. Therefore this must be necessitated for casual gamers in order to finish the game. Casual gamers will gradually get used to the role of Attributes in combat even if they do not fully understand it, they can still enjoy the game and finish it.

Rewards and un-lockable

At the start of Fight Game: Rivals each fighter only has three default Fighting Skills which are matched to the fighters fighting style and thus associated to one class/statistic. Only one tournament and a tutorial level are available and no alternative outfits can be chosen.

Winning rounds and tournaments with a chosen fighter will unlock new Fighting Skills, locations and outfits for that fighter. The fighter will also receive credits which unlike the unlockables are shared across all fighters. This allows a certain amount of flexibility in playing the game, where one fighter can obtain a lot of credits that can then be used to buy unlocked skills for the other fighters.

Counters are special occasions where a fighter performs their Timing Game so badly, that the other fighter can counter and inflict damage. Only Fighting Skills that have a red area in their damage range have a chance of being countered. Counters are high risk moves, but can have a huge payoff.

Some Fighting Skills will have a cool down which means they will not be available for several turns after they have been used. Such Fighting Skills usually inflict a larger amount of damage or can have a great beneficiary effect on Attributes. Since such Fighting Skills can’t be used in succession, using them at the right time during a fight can greatly help a fighter win that round,

Fighting Skills (advanced gameplay
Some Fighting Skills will have an additional effect on the opponent, usually associated to the Attributes of a fighter. Successful execution of a power Fighting Skills will lower the values and will give the fighter an advantage over their opponent. The effect only lasts one turn,

Buff Fighting Skills (advanced gameplay)
Buff Fighting Skills are quite literally the opposite of Power Fighting Skills. Buff Fighting Skills will enhance a players Attributes giving them a huge advantage in the next round. Of course, for a Buff Fighting Skills to work, the fighter must choose a Fighting Skill in the next turn that will take advantage of the increase in Attributes.


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