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Xbox Live Indie Game Devs Soon to Bring Quality Games To The WP7! Part II “Porting is easy..Right?”

August 9, 2011 2 Comments

The first article started with select highlighted, nominated Indie Games Uprising game studios that are looking forward to having their games ported over to the Windows Phone platform. This article, to be frank, is full of a lot of “BUTS”. Indie game developers can do so much on their own when it comes to creating a game, BUT when it comes to putting their games out for Windows Phone(and even other mobile phones) issues do arise. These next developers that were interviewed are in a place where, if they could they would, but they can’t, so they won’t. Believe me, they do see the potential in Windows Phone 7, but some simply feel that Microsoft has yet to see the full potential in them.

The Spirit of Khon, Ep1

A 3D platform/adventure game and engine tech developed by Novaleaf.

Cool looking, not going lie! Our brief chat with Jason Swearingen, Technical Director at Novaleaf Game Studios about their WP7 future:

MBGW: Lets hear it! You’re coming to WP7.

Jason: We are not sure, BUT probably not.

MBGW: You have any particular reason?

Jason: This is due to the game’s reliance on custom shaders to achieve the visual effects. WP7 does not currently let you have custom rendering shaders.

MBGW: Yikes, wow. I understand..:-(

Jason: However our engine is designed to work on WP7 so it’s not out of the question.

MBGW: Really?

Jason: Yes, depending on if we get interest from the public via this IGSU event.

MBGW: Well good luck with that! Hope you guys do great!


Milkstone Studios proudly presents an epic 2D adventure of glory and vengeance! Help Raventhorne, the fallen norse hero fullfill his fate and take revenge for his death! Clear your way through the 6 worlds of Yggdrasil, and reach Asgard before Ragnarok is unleashed. But you will not be alone in this task. Others will guide you in your journey through the breathtaking landscapes. But what are their intentions? Are you just a puppet in their hands? Time will tell. Battle fearsome enemies with the original and challenging combat system, which requires both reflexes & tactical awareness. Cast powerful magic spells while changing your combat stance to refine your style. Are you ready to challenge the gods?

One word comes to mind. EPIC. We spoke shortly to Alejandro González from Milkstone Studios and here’s what they had to say:

MBGW: Hello!. Game looks like a winner! You have plans of bringing this over to WP7?

Aeljandro: Hi MBGW. We don’t have plans on porting Raventhorne to WP7 anytime soon, although it wouldn’t be that hard to port the visuals…

MBGW: BUT, so does that mean it will come one of these days?

Aeljandro:..The gameplay would have to be completely reworked to fit on a touch screen. It uses too many buttons right now.

MBGW: I get ya. Hope you can bring it over soon!

Aeljandro: Yeah. BUT. Anyway, for now it seems the only way to get revenue on WP7 is to be Xbox LIVE branded or to use ad-supported free apps, and the second method cannot be paid yet on non-US countries. We’ve yet to be paid for our game Epic 7 Free.

MBGW: wow…that really blows .Microsoft will get that all worked out soon,I’m sure! And hopefully, games without the famed “XBOX LIVE” status will still prevail as a forced to be reckoned with in the Marketplace.


Game Description:
Pajamorama is a fighting game featuring up to 4 player multiplayer either local or over XBox Live, and gameplay so crunchy you could pour milk over it and eat it for breakfast. Dominatrix librarian pillow fighting in outer space! Bath time soap bubble fights with all your girlfriends! A combo engine so minty fresh, you’ll want to brush your teeth with it. It’s PAJAMORAMA baby!

Funky looking game!  Let’s see what Dan from Dannobot had to say:

MBGW: Hello Dan!, This game looks silly but pretty neat!, Will it be coming to the WP7 anytime soon?

Dan: Hi Matt!  Thanks for your interest in Pajamorama.  Yeah, I’d love to get Pajamorama and my other game Opposites on Windows Phone 7.

MBGW: Awesome! What’s the hold up!?

Dan: Unfortunately, they are pretty weak single player experiences, and the online multiplayer part of the XNA game studio was taken out of the WP7 SDK.

MBGW: WOW. You mean you would rather wait to release a game because, as of now, you don’t have a way to input multiplayer?

Dan: Yes, BUT not only that. I’d have to become a Microsoft approved developer or something, I’m not sure how to get access to that functionality 🙁

MBGW: Aww, That whomps! Hope you can get it all figured out, and that Microsoft makes it easier for you as a developer to gain access to both approval for mobile developing and the multiplayer functionality.

Dan: Thanks! I’ll definitely keep you in the loop regarding any WP7 development on my end. Cheers!

MBGW: Yes! Please do keep us in the loop! Hopefully you guys can get everything situated!.. Hopefully, with the new Mango update for the WP7 device, Multi player will definitely be doable! Keep us posted


Use your grappling hook, walljumping, doublejumping and other special abilities to speedrun as quickly as possible across action-packed platforming levels, in order to dismantle the bomb in time! Re-play levels with newly unlocked gadgets to find the best routes and get the highest scores. The singleplayer story lets you play through awesome hand-crafted levels, in which you have to run, jump and swing to avoid spikes and obstacles, while battling against the mad bomber and his diabolical machine.

This Game looks really solid, BUT let’s see what Casper van Est from DoubleDutch Games had to say:

MBGW: Hey DD, This game is coming to WP7 I just know! Looks fast and “Sonicy smooth”

Casper: Hi MBGW Thanks for your interest in our game. BUT We’re not sure about bringing Speedrunner to mobile phones, such as WP7, or iDevices for that matter.

MBGW: Whattt! BUT it’s XNA! Besides that, if Microsoft can do it for numerous games from other devices, I’m sure you can. I mean porting is easy…Right?

Casper: Yes, porting is quite easy, technically… However, translating the gameplay to such a small device can be a bit tricky, especially input-wise.

MBGW: That is understandable, you can have a game with graphics that ports over simply, you can even have the perfect gameplay, BUT if the mechanics don’t work on a touch screen, then you’re totally screwed

Casper: Exactly…So, we’ll have to see, I’m not sure yet!. But I’ll definitely let you know if we do.

MBGW: Ok! Thank you for your time 😉

Casper: Cheers!

Wrapping up Part II

Now look, I know all of your heads are down after reading this article, BUT! it was meant to give insight into the indie game developer during the beginning stages of  a growing Windows Marketplace. They have needs and wants too, and if these needs and wants are addressed, their future development for the Windows Phone is inevitable. Some have issues with graphics (custom shaders), some with gameplay mechanics on mobile, and some just plainly have a problem with Microsoft’s methodology as of now.OHHH BUT,That glorious day is coming, when people will hear “Windows Phone” and instantly think on the awesome game catalog, the huge support from the developers, and the huge success that it is. In the next and finally segment we will close with many others studios who “think” or who are” already looking” at possibilities in porting there games in Part III “Are We There Yet…No”          -MBGW

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