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Xbox Live Indie Game Devs Soon to Bring Quality Games To The WP7! Part I: Games In The Works

August 6, 2011 1 Comment

I’m one in particular who likes to see the uprising of all who are deemed as “The underdog”. Windows Phone is at the starting point when it comes to the mobile market and because they are newer they are simply forgotten or ignored. The day is coming for an uprising for the mobile phone user, when they finally realize there has got to be more than just the status quo. But the first step in making that happen is first getting a special breed of “underdog” on board with the movement. The Developers.

In the 3 part article we will hope to share insight concerning an even specialer(not a word, me know) breed of underdogs titled simply as the “The Indie gamer”.   We caught up with a few who are all nominated for awards in this year’s “Indie Games Uprising “ for the Xbox’s XBILG set to release this year. Some have heard about them. Some have ignored them. But these Indie developers are here and here to stay. The underdog in them sees the potential in WP7 and for that reason they are (at best), either porting directly, making a game offspring, or (at worst) considering taking their new upcoming games to the Windows Phone 7 Platform.  Here are what some have to say.  Stay Tuned for more!

Doom & Destiny by EversorITA

Genre: RPG

Game Description:
Doom & Destiny is a conventional Japanese style RPG with an unconventional mood. It tells the adventures of four nerdy friends trapped in a fantasy realm populated by cliché, strange characters and weirder villains. Mistaken for heroes they will take a long journey through dangers and mysteries to reveal the evil plot of Unnamed and his shady lieutenant. Will our heroes be able to find their way home without losing themselves in laughs and bad jokes?

Two words!..EPIC Role Playing game!..Oh Shutty.would have been 2 words if I used an acronym *-*

Fight alongside Johnny, Nigel, Mike and Francis in many different locations from lava-filled dungeons to icy peaks: the new battle system encourages new game strategies giving the player the possibility to choose the party leader and simple battle tactics. Cast powerful fireballs with Nigel, quickly backstab unaware enemies with Francis, summon powerful Noodle Gods to heal your friends with Mike or slash your opponent to pieces with Johnny’s powerful sword. The fate of Destiny’s empire is in your hands.

Need I say more? XBOX LIVE status Microsoft, PLEASE?

Studio Description:

Benjamin Ficus and HeartBit joined forces two years ago when they found out their common nerdish interest in developing indie games. While HeartBit focused on technical aspects of XNA programming, the Benjamin Ficus was creating a great game experience in his products.

Better than Poke'AMan!..oh wait, doesn't sound right

Matteo Nicolotti and Francesco Ficarelli, the guys behind the studios, have very different skills and viewpoints on how the games should be. They often fight over life changing questions like “What is the most important part of a game: boobs or explosions?” or “Should we add this extra feature 3 days before release date?”; but this might be the reason they care so much about their games quality.The studio is also a finalist for the Indie Game Uprising! Wish him luck! We recently sat down to chat with Matteo Nicolotti (virtually i.e. Email) and this is what he had to say about development for the WP7:

MBGW: Hello Matteo! Lets cut to the chase about this.Will this game be coming over to the Windows Phone device? *Crossed Fingers*

Matteo:  We will be coming to WP7 in some months. We need to give a good polish to the interface and fix the lack of GPU functions, but a playable version is already in my hands 😀

MBGW: Great can’t wait! Graphics are great any chance we might get multiplayer with the Mango update?

Matteo: Thanks for asking, it just encourages me to do it faster and better! We are absolutely looking into the chance on having multiplayer but the main problem is having good ideas to have the single player nature of the game meet some multiplayer features.

MBGW: Looks like it will be the first of many great unique RPG’s coming to the WP7! Cannot wait!


Genre: Platformer


Game Description:

A peaceful world was brought to its knees by an unknown force. Not even its gods, the Kamicats, could escape from the evil power that was slowly destroying their beloved home. But a brave warrior rose up and traveled to Catland to find a way to stop the madness. Here she’s transforming into the very personalities of the Kamicats and has to fight her way through this odd place to discover the true reason for the problems and put an end to it.

Me,Ow! .That hurt Charlie!

KamiCats is a platform game developed under the XNA platform for Xbox360. Farseer Physics engine was used to support all the physics effects we implemented in our game. Newgrounds and Freesound.org also contributed with music and samples to help enrich the gaming experience.


A chat with Henry Daniel Fernández, developer for iO and KamiCats explains it all:

MBGW: Game looks great anything you would like to share with us?

Henry: Yes, we are planning to port our game to the WP7.

MBGW: Great! When will we get our hands on it?

Henry: It’s not done yet because we are improving some features of the XBOX360 version. Our schedule says it would be ready (both versions) at the end of November this year.

MBGW: Excellent news! Look forward to playing and supporting when it comes out!

Henry: Thank you so much, I’ll let you know about any updates.


Phoenix Game Studios:

Creator of T.E.C 3001 for the XBLIG and Finalist of the Indie Games Summer Uprising

T.E.C. 3001

Game Description:
T.E.C. 3001,  (Tesla Energy Collector) is 3D action single player game for XBOX. You are guiding a robot through a virtual space to collect leftovers of energy for human kind. There are 21 levels and each one of them brings unique challenge to the player. Player will master in guiding a robot (T.E.C.) on level through series of trials and repetitions. Levels are about 1 minute long, if you don’t make any mistakes.

There is option for changing UI theme in game. You are given 3 basic commands – jump, charge or slide. Use the right combination to get over obstacles and try to collect batteries which represent energy. There are solid and breakable walls, jump platforms, objects which speed you up, objects which speed you down, etc.

Often compared to Kanabalt, Snail Mail, Robot Unicorn Attactk, etc.

Studio Description:

Phoenix Game Studio is an independent game development company. We are a small team driven by the same passion for developing and distributing fun and addictive games. Our goal is to someday become professional company. Currently working in XNA Game Studio only for XBOX consoles, but planning to spread to Windows Phone 7 platform and Windows.

This studio was formed as a free time student project 3 years ago. It now consists of four people, and some of them are computer science students, who share same interests in designing fun games and also programming, 3D modeling, drawing and digital sculpting.

Our short talk with Phoenix Game Studio:

MBGW: Hey, your game looks life changing; Any chance your game will be making the transition over to WP7 soon?

Phoenix: Yes, our plan is to port it to WP7 and try to publish it on Steam.

Welcome to the future man, it sure is purteee

MBGW: Cool freaking beans. How did it come about and when can we expect the game

Phoenix: It was started as a project for local mobile app contest (in our case for WP7) but we decided to go for Xbox at first and see how it goes.

MBGW: That is too cool. We’re sure it will go great, and we can’t wait to play this awesome title on our phone! Best of Luck

Wrapping up Part I

Wow, amazing talent right?We know. We know. These so called “underdogs” in the gaming community as well as the Windows Phone 7 platform will not be under for long. The fact of the matter is, with every great success there is a beginning. However dismal the beginning, in the end, the only thing that matters is how we overcome the odds and end up on top. These games coming out for the WP7 are without question high in quality. I don’t know about you gypsies but I would easily fork over the $4-$6 dollars to see these great original games on my phone. Coming up in the next segment we will talk to several up-and-coming Indie Game developers about the perils of porting games over to the device, and the many complications that may arise. Stay tuned for Part II: “Porting is easy..Right?”



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