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How-To: Revert back to NoDo from Mango Beta

July 22, 2011 36 Comments

Okay so you’ve got your Mango going, sliced the fruit into a few pieces… but you realize the fruit isn’t as ripe as you would have liked. Boy I love analogies. Not satisfied with the pre-release version of Mango 7.5? This post is for you.

I took the plunge and loaded the beta version of Mango on my Samsung Focus for a few weeks. Yes there were many fun new features to enjoy but I just couldn’t accept that it had broken a few of my most used apps. Regardless, reverting back to NoDo is necessary if you would like to update to the much anticipated Mango release sometime (hopefully sooner than later) this fall.

Follow the below steps and get back to NoDo:

1.       Be sure to have version 4.8 of Zune installed

2.       When you made the leap to Mango, a copy of your current NoDo state was copied to a folder called PreMangoState. The file (which is a long numbered/lettered file) inside the PreMangoState folder is what you will need to copy to:

C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Phone Update\

note – the username in the above path will be your personal username that you created for your PC

3.     Once the copy of your NoDo file is stored in the above path, open Zune

4.     Connect the device to your computer

5.      In Zune, go to Settings->Phone->Update

6.      Select Restore and follow Zune’s instructions to take you back to NoDo!

I of course take no responsibility for any mishaps you encounter along the way. But since you fine folks were capable of updating to Mango, the downgrade should be a walk in the park. Be sure to leave a comment and tell me how it goes!


Update: Restoring might take a long time for some users. Do not panic if you are stuck at 0% for awhile. I could’t replicate the long wait times but some users have (hyde13) – Thanks CACI_IMS


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