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Apple’s IOS 5 Rips WP7 – Microsoft Flattered

June 7, 2011 2 Comments

My eyes were locked in on E3 yesterday since Microsoft’s media briefing was taking place. It was really awkward that Apple scheduled it’s WWDC 2011 event during the prestigious E3 event. Nonetheless Apple’s Steve Jobs took the stage and announced new features coming to IOS. Another awkward moment was when I (and a bunch of WP7 users) noticed that alot of those features sounded vaguely very familiar. So much so that Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore, Director of the Windows Phone program tweeted away after the announcements. After one person who was impressed with Apple’s new camera hardware button implementation. “With a wp7 you get a dedicated camera button that wakes the phone from sleep and jumps u to camera,” he said. “Been shipping for 8 months! :)

He also tweeted:


Here’s a list of some of the ‘borrowed’ features:

Improved notifications
The notifications are now displayed at the top like Windows Phone 7.

Built-in Twitter

Background download service
This feature was announced to be coming with Mango

Messaging improvements
Windows Phone 7 with Mango was announced to be bringing messaging capabilities baked into the OS

iCloud auto photo uploads
Windows Phone 7 syncs images automatically with Skydrive

Wi-fi Sync
I have been syncing wirelessly since Zune. Windows Phone 7 also has this feature ans will only improve once the Mango update ships.

Camera improvements
Apple has added camera functionality to their volume button. Also they added a feature just like Windows Phone where you can take out your phone without unlocking it and take a quick picture


Source: WinRumors


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