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Canon Firing / Lawnmower robot Controlled by Windows Phone 7 (Video)

May 3, 2011 No Comments

Wow either plain layness or just pure genius, the Muang brothers  (Lwin and Min from Accolade Systems – a BizSpark company ) created a WP7 controlled cannon firing robot. Their first idea was to create a remore controlled lawnmower but since that was a bit to dangerous, they decided on a pretty damn cool toy. Powered by their Windows Phone device they can maneuver the bot around. You can even remove the extra strobe lights and cannon hardware and use it as your own little tank. ok i admit, that last part is just pretty damn lazy  🙂

They were asked a few questions by Dave Bost

I asked the Maung Brothers what the inspiration behind this robot was and all of all things it was pure laziness! Or some would say – pure genius! They basically wanted to create something that allowed them to mow the grass for them while sitting in the comforts on their living room. A remote-controlled lawnmower! Aside from the potentially maiming and harm a runaway lawnmower could do on account of a software bug, the Maung brothers took it upon themselves to investigate the possibilities. Prototyping off of a Power Wheels Barbie Jammin Jeep Wrangler and taking it from there, they built a solid chassis and all the techno gadgetry to make a wannabe Maker blush. Not to mention the addition of strobe lights and a cannon!


windows phone 7 robot from brian gorbett on Vimeo.

Source: Dave Bost via WPSauce

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