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App Review: Couch to 10K

April 5, 2011 No Comments

Couch to 10k is an app whose sole purpose is to get you to run 10k (6 miles) in 13 weeks. It begins with short bouts of running mixed with long brisk walks. It takes a couple of weeks to help build your stamina to get you running the end goal of 6 miles straight. Couch to 10k tracks your running time and prompts you when you have to begin walking or running. It also has some customiztaion options including changing the voice of the prompts, vibration to cue you, the option to alert you when you are halfway through your session and the option to have your music temporarily pause so you can hear the cues.

I have been following this program and can honestly say that so far I am impressed. I have made attempts at running before without the conditioning and I always give up rather quickly. This app takes it slow and not only builds your stamina but the confidence in yourself. I have two issues with this app.  Once you exit the app it stops tracking your progress although that is really a minor thing because as long as you notice quickly there really isn’t any progress lost since once you re-enter the app it asks if you would like to resume your workout. My other issue is that while it tells you how much you will be running at the end of the app it doesn’t tell you how much you have ran/walked per session, there are app that will track your distance and also chart it, it would be nice if those things would be implemented into this app as well. I will continue to follow this app and look forward to running 6 miles.

Rating: ★★★★☆

App description:

Version 1.2 (New voice cues, improved music support with pauses, coded vibrator alerts, Turn-for-home notification).
Version 1.1 (Improved locked screen support, runs fine when screen is locked).

Couch to 10K is a neat little app that is designed to get couch potatoes off the couch and out running. It’s a clever system designed to never strain your body out. The workout sessions in this program alternate between short bouts of walking and running to get you acclimatized and slowly back into shape. Thirteen weeks in and you will be running 10km (that’s’ a bit more than 6 miles) flat out!

What this app does for you –
* Coaches you on when to run, walk, warm-up or cool-down (using voice prompts, large onscreen icons, or pulse coded vibrator alerts).
* Feature a large ‘time remaining’ countdown timer to help keep you motivated – so can tell yourself its only so far to go.
* Tells you when it is time to turn around and head for home (with voice cue and a turn home icon on screen)
* Keeps track of what workouts you finished and when so it can tell you when you need to run next.
* Keeps a log of your workout history with this app.
* If you get a call and you have to leave the program it can start off right where you left off.

Help you rediscover the pure joy of running – remember when you were six and wanted to run everywhere?

If you like this app, there are a few more in this series that might interest you – Vimukti’s Couch to 5K, Ease to 10K, Bridge to 10K. Look out for them on the Market place!

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