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Ilomilo Game Review

February 1, 2011 No Comments

Rating: ★★★★½

When the Ilomilo trial came out for the Xbox 360 my family and I were quick to jump on it and download it. I played the heck out of that demo but really really wanted to purchase it for my phone. I jumped at the opportunity to get it for my phone almost immediately.

The game presents the storyline in a really adorable story book format. Ilomilo centers around two friends who get separated and want to be reunited. It is then your job to flip between the two characters to maneuver around the puzzle and find a way to get them together again all the while collecting the three displaced safkas. The reward for collecting the safkas in a level is a bonus level.

I have said before how I truly enjoy puzzle games and Ilomilo is no exception. the puzzles start off rather easy but the difficulty progresses quite rapidly. Before I knew it, the puzzles required not only a lot of brain power to complete but also a lot of trial and error. At times the difficulty of the puzzles became rather frustrating but the truth of the matter is that I would much prefer a challenging game that gives me a sense of accomplishment when done rather then feeling as though I didn’t get enough game for my money.

The controls are minimal. There are four arrows indicating the direction you want the character you are controlling to move. There is also a button to press on the right side that enables you to switch between the characters. In my opinion the controls work as they should. I was able to control my characters fine and the game was easy enough to play with the controls provided. One of my main issues with the gameplay is that I did find it difficult to control the camera at times. There were times when I would be controlling one character and was trying to locate the other and would pan out and move around and would just not be able to figure out how to see where the other guy was.Obviously the camera panning could very easily be my own fault. My main issue with the game has to do with the times where you have to pick up cubes to assist you in uniting the characters. The button to pick up the cube is adjacent to the home button and many, many times I ended up pressing the home button. That alone would be frustrating (though my fault) but when you return to the game it doesn’t simply pause where you last were, the game resets and you have to begin that level all over again.

Overall Ilomilo is my type of game. It is really enjoyable for any puzzle loving fool like myself and can really be enjoyed by anyone. It can get difficult but the amount of enjoyment is worth any frustrations that might come along with it. I love the complexity of some of the puzzles, it increases the gratification of completing the puzzles.



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