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Backup Functionality Part of Windows Phone Update

January 16, 2011 No Comments

This is great news! Zune will be creating a full back-up of all our Settings, Files, EVERYTHING!!! Just in case anything might go wrong or you want to roll back to a restore point. This was announced in the official Windows Phone Radio podcast.

Brian Seitz: With photos and notes and stuff, that stuff is all backed up to your SkyDrive account automatically, if you want it to.

Matt Akers: It is. It is.

Brian Seitz: What about settings? Is that ever backed up at all?

Matt Akers: I don’t know. I don’t know that it is right now. Now, one thing I do know is, a couple of things, first thing is anytime you connect to the Zune software we will automatically back up a physical copy of the photos and videos you’ve take on your phone, so that’s going to happen automatically for you unless you go turn that off, which you can if you wish ….

Second part is that, anytime we prepare to do an update, which as you know you’ll see soon, we will make a backup of your phone, the entire phone everything on it, your settings, all of that, such that, one, if something were to go wrong, we can roll you back into the perfect state that you were in before, and, two, that after the update, your phone is working in the same exact condition that it was before you had the update …

We’ve made that a really awesome experience, and not only is a really easy experience to update your phone, which is a one-click, yes, go do this, but we provide that backup capability. And once we do have that backup, the software will actually allow you to go back to a restore point later if you want to. So you can restore back, so if something happens with your phone, you install, you know, some bad app happens, I don’t know, whatever, you know, the phone basically gets corrupted, you would have the ability to go back and restore the phone to the point when the last time you backed it up. So that’s kinda nice. We do have a pretty good backup and restore story as far as that goes, but other than that most of your stuff will be uploaded to the cloud.

Updates can be a very scary thing sometimes… I am glad to know that everything will be backed up. Plus it is always good to have a copy of your phone just in case..

Source: Windows Phone Secrets


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