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Review: De Blob

November 28, 2010 No Comments


The blob is a fun puzzle game that has you sliding through a maze trying to free the citizens of Chroma City. Thing is you are a blob and as you slide around you leave your path covered in slime, which you cannot cross. So the catch is you have to rescue them without trapping yourself in and do it the quickest way possible. There are 3 different modes to play and they each have different levels of difficulty.


Told through a combination of pre-rendered cinematic sequences and in-game dialog, de Blob tells the story of Chroma City, its invasion by the INKT Corporation and its subsequent liberation by the titular Blob and the Colour Underground.
Initially a lively and colourful city populated by its equally colourful and diverse citizens, the Raydians, Chroma City is suddenly invaded by the INKT Corporation. A corporate military dictatorship, INKT is led by the villainous Comrade Black and dedicated to the eradication of colour through its “War on Colour”. Chroma City quickly falls to the invading army of Inkies and colour-draining Leechbots, leaving its landscape barren, its flora withered and its fauna in hiding. The citizens are rounded up and turned into “Graydians”, encased in homogeneous gray prison suits distinguished only by a bar code on the back of each shell. The Graydians are forced to serve as both menial labor and as a living resource of ink, mined literally from their sadness.
Hero Blob witnesses the takeover of Chroma City from his jungle retreat and goes into action, first rescuing the only remaining pocket of resistance, the “Colour Underground”. Blob joins the group, and under their orders, begins to win back sections of the city and arouse the vicious ire of Comrade Black. Comrade Black orders everything from propaganda campaigns to the creation of supersoldiers in an attempt to stop Blob, to no avail. – Wikipedia



It’s a really fun game which you can take out and play for 1/2 hour or just 5 minutes. The graphics are very nice with ‘de blob’ being the only color on the puzzle. The controls are as easy as they should be for this type of game. Just tap to where you want de blob to go next and he slides his way there. You rarely have to re-touch the screen for any given move, even if you get a bit ahead of yourself as I often found myself doing. You start of in Rescue mode where all you do is try to finish the maze with as many rescues as possible. Then you unlock Speed Rescue where its faster paced and you get more points for finishing before the ‘par’ time. Finally after many rescues under your belt you get to the INKT Chase mode where you actually have the agents after you, as you try and finish the maze. This last mode can get pretty hectic and gives you that added level of entertainment.

The UI is pretty self explanatory and it keeps this game being very accessible.  The music is nice and has a funky feel to it which is perfect for this kind of game. I do wish it gave you the option to choose to play music from your own library a la “Earthworm Jim”.

This is an awesome puzzle game that will get more and more challenging as you go along. If you are itching for a well made puzzle game on windows phone 7 – this is your game….

The price which is $2.99 is a could be a better fit at $1.99. Especially if De Blob 2 is landing on WP7 along with its big brother on the Xbox 360 early next year.

 Rating: ★★★★½


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