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WinMobile.se to Close After Microsoft Denies Funding to iPhone Using Editor

November 8, 2011 4 Comments

This is a tricky one here. WinMobile.se editor-in-chief Toni Johansson just informed the world that he will be shutting down the leader on Windows Phone news in Sweden. That in itself is a pretty sad story but it gets pretty weird once you hear why. Toni was looking for funding from Microsoft to give his […]

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Nokia Starting to go Metro (Changes Website to Match Windows Phone)

October 24, 2011 1 Comment

If you needed more of an indication that Nokia is 100% ‘all in’ and dedicated to making Windows Phone. Look no further than the new Nokia Conversations site. It has been recently remodeled to have the look and feel of Windows Phone, which means tons of tiles and a lovely Metro UI. The site has […]

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Microsoft Prepares Windows Phone for Japan – Launches Official Website

July 19, 2011 1 Comment

With WP7 Mango event in place for Fujitsu-Toshiba IS12T’s announcement on July 27th. Microsoft has just launched the official Windows Phone website for Japan. Check it out for yourselves here. I feel that Windows Phone in Japan and WP7 Mango worldwide is coming sooner  than

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Nokia Begins to Advertise the Lumia 710 – Welcome to the Amazing Everyday (video)

With the Lumia 800 being Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone at the moment, its no wonder that it has been getting...

Lenovo LePhone S2 Running Windows Phone Coming 2012

Lenovo announced yesterday its LePhone S2 running Android which seemed to kill any chance of them making a Windows...