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The Home Depot Builds App on WP7 – Available Now

April 21, 2011 No Comments

Ahhh I love the sight of an official big name app in the morning. The Home Depot has made it to the WP7 marketplace. You can search and buy products and even get an in-store map so you wont get lost in the store. App info: The Home Depot app provides the ability to research […]

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Developers Will Have More Distribution Options With ‘Mango’

April 15, 2011 No Comments

Mango, so far has sounded very promising for consumers and developers alike. One great thing that was announced for developers is more options for distributing their apps. Developers will be able to hold beta trials and there will even be an option to have private apps that will not be accessible through the Marketplace. The […]

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Mango Tools For WP7 Developers – Available Next Month

April 13, 2011 No Comments

Something that seemed like it would be an eternity to actually become a reality, is sneaking up on us faster than expected. The Mango update that will be coming to us this fall will already have the tools ready for developers next month. Even showed off an easy way to mimic a different locationĀ for location […]

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Nokia Begins to Advertise the Lumia 710 – Welcome to the Amazing Everyday (video)

With the Lumia 800 beingĀ Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone at the moment, its no wonder that it has been getting...

Lenovo LePhone S2 Running Windows Phone Coming 2012

Lenovo announced yesterday its LePhone S2 running Android which seemed to kill any chance of them making a Windows...