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Windows Phone Marketplace is Now Live on the Web

September 27, 2011 No Comments

We have rumored to be Mango day and for a carrier or two it seems that it might be. It can be Mango day for another reason though. Microsoft has just made their marketplace LIVE on the web. You can browse or search every app on the marketplace through their web portal now and check out […]

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“Wowo World” Microsoft Silverlight MMORPG Shown In Real-time On Windows Phone 7

August 29, 2011 2 Comments

“” So I was youtubing just now(yes youtubing) and caught a look at something that hasn’t  really been seen on the Windows Phone 7 Platform. Hopefully we can see this done with games in the future,not only the PC, but also the Xbox 360.Check out the video! (uploaded by urhome100) WoWo world, is using Microsoft’s new technology online and is the first […]

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Nokia Begins to Advertise the Lumia 710 – Welcome to the Amazing Everyday (video)

With the Lumia 800 being Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone at the moment, its no wonder that it has been getting...

Lenovo LePhone S2 Running Windows Phone Coming 2012

Lenovo announced yesterday its LePhone S2 running Android which seemed to kill any chance of them making a Windows...