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Fujitsu IS12T Spreading to Taiwan Next Month?

September 14, 2011 1 Comment

There is an exciting rumor going around for the people of Taiwan that the Fujitsu IS12T will be making its way there next month. The stylish and waterproof phone has been making waves in Japan and it is great to hear that more people might possibly have a chance to pick up the device. I […]

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Windows Phone Japan and KDDI Hook up For an Amazing Ad

September 9, 2011 2 Comments

This promo has to be one of the best I have ever seen. The flash video called the People Hub Generator, shows off the Fujitsu IS12T which recently launched in Japan. Go to au-windowsphone.jp and connect it to your Facebook account. As soon as you do that a minute long video will appear featuring a bunch […]

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Fujitsu IS12T: Windows Phone Ads Hitting Japan

September 6, 2011 3 Comments

It’s good to see Microsoft and the Windows Phone team not wasting anytime with advertisements in Japan. Here we see 3 ads that have launched in Japan for the  Fujitsu IS12T. I can’t explain to you what exactly is being said but they sure do seem excited. Take a look at the promos below and let […]

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New Mango Windows Phones Show Their Faces on WP Bench[UPDATED]

August 24, 2011 No Comments

We are getting so close to new Windows Phone devices running on Mango. We are starting to get roadmap leaks and Windows Phones are popping out on game analytics. Now we have the developer of WP Bench, Robert Varga taking snapshots of a list containing new Mango Windows Phone devices. Some of which were unheard […]

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Fujitsu Windows Phone IS12T Launch on August 25th Official

August 23, 2011 No Comments

KDDI has finally admitted that the Fujitsu Windows Phone IS12T will be sold on Thursday (August 25th). Not only have the published a press release talking up the new Windows Phone but they also noted the release dates for all the regions involved. Press Release:   KDDI, Okinawa Cellular, since August 25, 2011, a new […]

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Fujitsu IS12T Benchmarked: Faster Than All The Rest

August 22, 2011 No Comments

The Fujitsu IS12T was  bench-marked recently using  WP Bench by Nanopho and the results are in.  The Fujitsu IS12T’s processor marked 30% higher than the #2 spot on the top 5 list. Windows Phone is going to see tons of new features with Mango but the new hardware looks to boost the speed tremendously as well. […]

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Fujitsu IS12T on Display and Ready to Sell August 25th

August 19, 2011 No Comments

The worlds first Windows Phone with Mango (Fujitsu IS12T) will go on sale August 25th (next week). The display was found in the Biccamera Yurakucho store in Tokyo. Looks like they got prime position and are ready to fly off the shelves. Wish these were coming to the US *sigh* Hopefully soon we get to see […]

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Fujitsu IS12T: First Mango Windows Phone Launching Next Week?

August 18, 2011 1 Comment

The high-priced Fujitsu IS12T has been slated for a September release as per the official site but it looks like it might hit stores a bit earlier than that. Sores have already began to take reservations and Nishikasai au shop is claiming “it will be released August 25” Also tweets have been found stating the following: […]

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Price of Fujitsu IS12T Leaked

August 16, 2011 No Comments

We have known little bits about the new generation of Windows Phones that are about to be released this Fall. One thing we were totally clueless about is the prices. Well we now know how much the Fujitsu IS12T will be going for. A subsidiary of KDDI posted the price list and boy is it […]

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Nokia Begins to Advertise the Lumia 710 – Welcome to the Amazing Everyday (video)

With the Lumia 800 being Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone at the moment, its no wonder that it has been getting...

Lenovo LePhone S2 Running Windows Phone Coming 2012

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