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Interview With Survivalcraft Developer (Minecraft Clone)-Exclusive Pics

November 15, 2011 2 Comments

We discovered Survivalcraft , a Minecraft clone by Candy Rufus Games, a few days ago. It has already been submitted to the Windows Phone Marketplace, which means we will get a taste of the game soon enough but until then we have an interview with the developer to tide you over. He was also kind […]

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Exclusive: Exciting New Games Coming Over To WP7 Soon P1

October 6, 2011 3 Comments

Exciting news for those who follow on our site! We have exclusive information regarding a number of developers of mobile games on other platforms finally making their way over to the Windows Phone 7. The first of the series is a company called Game Insight out of Moscow, Russia. Darya Trushkina ,VP of Business Development, recently […]

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Xbox Live Indie Game Devs Soon to Bring Quality Games To The WP7! Part II “Porting is easy..Right?”

August 9, 2011 2 Comments

The first article started with select highlighted, nominated Indie Games Uprising game studios that are looking forward to having their games ported over to the Windows Phone platform. This article, to be frank, is full of a lot of “BUTS”. Indie game developers can do so much on their own when it comes to creating […]

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Xbox Live Indie Game Devs Soon to Bring Quality Games To The WP7! Part I: Games In The Works

August 6, 2011 1 Comment

I’m one in particular who likes to see the uprising of all who are deemed as “The underdog”. Windows Phone is at the starting point when it comes to the mobile market and because they are newer they are simply forgotten or ignored. The day is coming for an uprising for the mobile phone user, […]

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Inside Dev Story: Gnomic Studios (Square Off)

July 7, 2011 No Comments

It has been awhile since we had one of our awesome virtual sitdowns with one of the many talented developers in the Windows Phone community. Today we take the time out to toss a few questions at Gnomic Studios. They are well known for their game Square Off that at first was a XBLIG classic […]

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Inside Dev Story: MyBookie – Psydian Interactive

March 16, 2011 No Comments

The MyBookie game is one of the most creative and addicting apps on the Windows Phone 7.  Jeff Jones and Josh Johnson from Psydian Interactive created MyBookie which is geared toward all sports fans. Today we have our virtual sitdown with Terry Murdock who is in charge of promotion among many other tasks.     Terry, What exactly is MyBookie? MyBookie is […]

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Dev Inside Look: HalfBrick (Fruit Ninja Team)

February 4, 2011 No Comments

We here at WP7connect love WP7 and Apps. It would be difficult to have a discussion about these two things without mentioning the Fruit Ninja Xbox Live game created by HalfBrick. What's not to love about this game? As soon as it was released on Windows Phone 7 it went straight to the top. Recently […]

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Dev Inside Look: Amused Sloth

February 1, 2011 No Comments

Today we take a closer look at a company that is making their presence known in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Amused Sloth has several apps available…  Slothcyclopedia, Slothshots and  Tipping for Sloths. They also have a game out called Rebellion Rise and they just announced the upcoming game Chickens Can’t Fly. We recently had a virtual sitdown […]

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Dev Inside Look: Altair VI

January 7, 2011 No Comments

 Microsoft made it very clear before launch that the most important thing going into the Windows Phone 7 launch was Developers… Developers… Developers!!! Well I totally buy into that mentality and I believe that in order for WP7 to consume more marketshare it needs creative and intelligent applications/ games. Today we take a closer look into […]


Indie Dev Highlight: InfinitiesLoop (Minecrafter & Blue Screen)

December 6, 2010 No Comments

 Here at WP7Connect, we believe that indie applications play a  huge part in making a mobile OS successful. We will be taking a closer look into independent developers and their applications. We have InfinitiesLoop here, who has right now 2 applications available on the marketplace. One is a hilarious application that makes your new phone look […]

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