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Hey! WB Interactive Entertainment..Windows Phone Users Demand Injustice!!

April 26, 2014 No Comments

“Injustice”..For All!!

Windows Phone users demand Injustice!..Well. “justice” and equality across Windows Phone platforms with Injustice: Gods Among Us for mobile that is! For those who don’t know, the free-to-play game features a collectible card mechanic and engages players in 3-on-3 tag-team combat in the fast paced games players build up their roster and pit a huge cast of DC Comics’ most popular icons such as Batman, Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Aquaman and more against one another. WB has gone on record in saying that to date the game has had over two BILLION play sessions in 1 year since the original game was released. The game has recently been updated with a multiplayer 2.0 update that increases the replay value and overall gameplay experience, that is sure to bring new players along. I for one have yet to experience the game for myself but I have no doubt in my mind that it would make the Windows Phone platform that much better, especially if released as a Xbox title with achievements. Check out the gameplay trailer below and what you can do to help get this game to the Windows Phone platform:


 In celebration of more than a year of battles and two billion play sessions, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment today announced that Injustice: Gods Among Us for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch is now offering an all-new multiplayer mode. Developed from the ground up by award-winning NetherRealm Studios, players can now engage in battle with other players’ teams to score currency, experience and Gear Cards that can equip characters with new powers.   This update also brings in brand new Gold Characters, increased promotion and level caps, a new Challenge Character Booster Pack, and Bonus Missions.  The Android update is scheduled to be available in May. 

Started From The Bottom:

So as we all know, Windows Phone started to put its focus back into mobile devices and in recent years have made great strides towards making Windows Phone a defining mobile device for business and consumers alike. The trouble they are now having isn’t with performance, nor options, nor features, but what we all come to experience as the shortage of the latest and greatest apps. Now, keep in mind what I didn’t just say.. Windows Phone most definitely has all the apps that consumers “need” such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but not the titles that so many of us simply want. For Windows Phone to be a great success, Microsoft has to get a jump on the apps that become the next big thing over night. Games like Injustice: Gods Among Us are huge enough to garner much attention, yet small enough for the head honchos at Microsoft to skip right over in their quest to acquire new dev support. When it comes down to it, Microsoft has to gain more key developers, that will in time make others notice the platform and create the content that so many love.

Microsoft Needs YOU!   

Believe what you will, but without your voices and without your opinions this whole campaign to get the best apps on Windows Phone doesn’t really work. We must be vocal in our pursuit to have the best and we should also have the ability to be patient with developers and Microsoft in doing so. The platform is still gaining ground and in time we will get the same day releases as other platforms. In the mean time, join with us as we contact WB interactive Entertainment for the hit game Injustice: Gods Among Us  by going to the contact links provided below! Your support is much needed!  Do you part to bring “Injustice” for all!..MBGW

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Other Contact Pages

Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment



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