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Could Video Background “LockScenes” Be Windows Phone’s Future?

January 11, 2014 No Comments

The video below is an example of Windows Phone lock screens that displays current weather while at the same time being able to show us a looped video of what a “Mostly Sunny” day would appear to be. Uploaded by Vimeo user ,  this surely got us thinking on the future of Windows Phone and why this small, yet simple implementation could in fact be a worthy differentiator when it comes to smartphone lockscreen. A Microsoft Bing lockscreen would run its video background that is on the homepage and change daily, while an app like ESPN could show a quick sports highlight in the form of a loop and change accordingly. We propose today that “LOCK SCENES” be made available in the next version of Windows Phone if its not already in the works. Take a look below:  

Video background demonstration from SAMURAY on Vimeo.

How simple, yet beautiful is this? Not only does it play along nicely with the simple elegance of the Windows Phone OS but, it still does its main purpose of informing us in a glance what information we need at any given time.

If you agree with this implementation of “LockScenes” in the next build, please forward your concerns to one or all of the following on Twitter, or request it on the UserVoice feature page closet to this concept HERE

@Joe Belfiore

@Windows Phone

Source: Vimeo  UserVoice


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