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Developers Vanguard & Rovio Share Their Experiences Developing For Windows Phone, 3 Years Later

January 8, 2014 No Comments

Recently, PocketGamer.biz did an interview with two of the most defining developers over the past 3 years for Windows Phone and positives and negatives of the OS. With reports on fast growing market share over the recent months and the increased availability of popular apps, Arthur Houtman, MD of Vanguard Games, the studio behind Halo: Spartan Assault, tells the folks at PG that those are very encouraging signs:


We feel Windows Phone has turned a very important corner and things can only get better from here.”

“We cannot speak for other developers, but at any developer, it is always a case of matching market opportunities with resource constraints: Do you think the platform is viable? If so, do you have the resources to dedicate people towards a version for that platform? If the answer to the second question is negative, you may see some delays despite the fact that the platform is already solid enough for people to invest in. Either way, the fact that those apps are now appearing is a clear sign that developers feel the platform is viable.”

“Market share is not as large as iOS and Android, but the upside of the Windows Phone platform is that it does not suffer from the visibility issue of other competing platforms. As such, Windows Phone could be great for getting your title noticed, perhaps even by launching there first and then porting your game over to other platforms further down the line.”

Rovio’s Niko Leskinen, platform operations manager from the Angry Birds division had this to say:

“More and more developers are beginning to think on a multi-platform basis these days, and that’s coming to Windows Phone’s aid.” For developers who focus only on one platform, or treat iOS and Android as two completely separate development tracks, introducing a new track for Windows Phone takes time,”

“Adopting your existing technology and work practices to support more platforms doesn’t happen in an instant if your mindset isn’t multi-platform to begin with. The Multi-platform approach helps developers mitigate risks, but does create overhead in development costs and processes,”

Head over to PocketGamer.biz for more info concerning these two developers and there thoughts on Windows Phone as a whole.

Source: Pocketgamer.biz



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