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Why Telltale Games, Creator Of The Walking Dead, Is A Match Made In Heaven On Windows Phones

December 29, 2013 No Comments

Most question, after huge strides towards closing the app gap, if Microsoft is doing so when it comes to the most sensible connections such as with there relationships with developers they already have on board with the Xbox vision. If you know anything about mobile games on the platform then you very well know that it has been an uphill battle, one in which Microsoft has made some advancements in this year. In the month of December alone, we have gained more popular titles than in the entire previous quarter combined. Titles such as Temple Run 2, Subway Surfers, and Despicable Me: Minion Rush  reveal that although while the store maybe growing, it sill lacks the variety of games that other platforms have.


Currently, Telltale creator of titles such as the popular episodic graphic adventures such as The Walking Dead, Tales of Monkey Island, The Wolf Among Us and the recently announced Game Of Thrones in an interview revealed the reasons behind the lack of mobile ports on anything besides iOS. When asked back in 2012, Telltale’s Steve Allison (SVP of Publishing) went on record saying that “the disparate hardware specs, piracy concerns and state of the Android equivalent of the App Store make it very hard to bring [Telltale’s] games over to the Android OS.” That being said, problems that plague the disastrous Android OS as a whole, are not prevalent on Windows Phone, something that Telltale should take notice of.

The current state of our beloved OS allow for developers to not only make quality titles but to code games that are essential to the Windows Phone growth. Microsoft needs to further the success of the momentum of the Windows Phone store by going after the apps/games that flex the weight that Microsoft already has behind it. Telltale has just recently announced plans to bring The Walking Dead gaming series to the tiny Android based gaming system OUYA , meaning they are open to further port their games to other OS’s. 

Windows Phones in many ways, gives developers the level of assurance they’ve not had concerning piracy that is rampant on Android. Also (when it comes to specifications) coding a game to run on Windows Phone 8 devices with 512MB’s of RAM guarantees that virtually each and every owner of a phone could be potential buyers of the games, something that cannot be said about Android because of its uncontrollable fragmentation. With every game mentioned above by Telltale having been launched on Xbox Arcade, Microsoft can not allow for developers to continue to over look the obvious connection between the Xbox system, and the ONLY phone with integrated Xbox support and achievements. What we have to start to see happen is for Microsoft to shift focus on bringing not just what’s popular at any given point in time, but what is logical in the growth of making the Windows Phone brand stick in the minds of both developers and consumers…MBGW

Contact Telltale to ask for Windows Phone support below! Let your voices be heard!

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