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Some “Fools” Strongly Believe That Windows Phone 8 Is The Operating System To Look Out For In 2014

December 13, 2013 No Comments

Next year,  for all those skeptics, is being predicted to be the year of the Windows Phone!Motley Fool’s Technology analyst Jamal Carnette and Tech & Telecom Bureu Chief, Evan Niu belief that without a doubt Windows Phone has the most to gain going into next year. In their analyst they mention that the market is ripe and ready for a serious 3rd OS and now with Blackberry sales dwindling, Microsoft has all the tools at their disposal to make their devices a success in the “low end market” and in general in the long run. Check out the 2 minute  analyst below:  

Could the Windows Phone Operating System Have a Big Upside in 2014?

We strongly believe them to be correct, but what do you think? Your comments go below…and Microsoft, a new Nokia Lumia 1520 goes to me please and thank you… MBGW

Source: Fool.com YouTube





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