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Minecraft On Windows Phone Now Being Considered

November 18, 2013 No Comments

Previously, as we all may remember the original creator of Minecraft Maekus “Notch” Persson’s silly decision not to support Windows 8 due to the fact that Microsoft’s locked down the OS and required the games to be certified. Not only was the decision silly, it in the long run hurt them from obviously making money on Microsoft’s growing Windows platforms. See the previous tweets below:

Recently, a Minecraft: Pocket Edition developer named Jeb_ took to Reddit to answer community questions before the MC:PE panel at Minecon this Saturday.

User joshlalonde was so bold enough to inquire about the status of a Windows 8/RT and Windows Phone version of the game. Take a look below:

I was just wondering maybe if Jeb would be more open-minded and create a Windows RT/Windows Phone set of MCPE apps. Notch was quick to shoot this one down, but his reasoning was biased and had no actual reason; iOS is a closed platform so he has no excuse. I would love to be able to play Minecraft on the go. There would definitely be a market for it. Unfortunately, all we have are 3rd party Minecraft look a likes which lack survival mode or any of the features of Minecraft. Thanks for considering!

Jeb_ response is one of potential…see below:

Currently the problem is that Windows Phone uses a different API for rendering (DirectX vs OpenGL), and the Minecraft code has bad separation between the game logic and rendering. We are not saying “no”, but it’s currently not being worked on, as it’s a big project to fix.

The response is one of “if we could, we would” rather than “no, because Windows sucks” like so many other developers have in the past stated for various unintelligent reasons. NOW is the time to let your voices be heard for the title, because with the right kind of positive reinforcement the developers of the hit could make the game a reality for so many if the took the time to fix the “big issue”…MBGW

Source: Reddit Pocketgamer.uk


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