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Concept Art: Surface Phone 2 – Must See (images)

October 18, 2013 5 Comments

Ever since Microsoft showed off its Surface tablets, folks were intrigued and imagined what a Surface branded Windows Phone would look like. We have seen a few beautiful concepts before… here and here.

Now, Phone Designer on Facebook uploaded tons of images showing off his new Surface phone concept inspired by the Surface 2.


Phone Designer on Facebook
Here it is! Inspired by the new Surface 2: http://goo.gl/3Ltpuj
The whole device is 7mm thin and has a 4.7inch FullHD screen.

To the guys who say: ‘it looks like an iPhone’. I have developed this design language (inspired by the Surface from Microsoft!!) BEFORE the iPhone 5 hit the world @September 2012: http://fav.me/d54trfa – JUNE 24, 2012! So cool down. 😉


What do you guys think? Anyone throwing money at their screens already?


Want to see more? Check out Phone Designer on Facebook


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  • Marcio Correa

    The rounded edges seem too round at least from the close up pictures, making it a bit similar to iphone imo. (I am aware that you can only make corners sharp or round, just an observation)

    But I really love it in landscape mode. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Amazing; MS needs to hire this guy! It shares all the same angles and look of the Surface. It could come in silver, black, etc. An integrated kickstand for landscape use would also be great!
    I noticed there is only a Windows logo capacitive button as well. I know there are many rumors about this being the future of WP; not sure how I feel about it though.

    • Omega Ra

      The back ans search are there, they just aren’t showing well in the renders.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the reply; I can see them now when I look really close

  • Tristan Vaillancourt

    A couple of years later and the announcement of the Lumia 950 to accompany the launch of Windows 10 on Phones, the surface book (awesome) and the Surface Pro 4, and still no Surface Phone. These pictures look amazing. I really wish Microsoft would build this, and yes I was throwing money at my screen.

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