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GDR3: New Features Surface? Separate Volume Controls? Notification Center in Testing?

August 27, 2013 1 Comment

More rumors have surfaced about the upcoming Windows Phone GDR3 update. WPdang is reporting new features aside from the other previously ‘leaked’ features like:

  •  rotation lock
  • text message sync
  • driving mode
  • support for 1080p displays
  • UI changes

They state that Micreosoft is testing a notification center for Windows Phone 8. Hopefully, this time they will be able to push this through on this update instead of falling short when Windows Phone 8 first launched. Another rumored feature is separate volume controls between applications. You will be able to set up volume settings for music, system etc.



Source: WPdang via WMPU  Thanks MH for the tip!


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  • Tom Susala

    What I’d like is the ability to control music volume independently from the ringer volume….
    Plus I’d like to see fewer games and crapware and more useful apps; like, for banking.

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