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Claims That Ballmer Is Being Forced Out Of Micosoft Due To The Surface RT, Come To Light

August 25, 2013 No Comments

File this as nothing more than the latest attack rumor from another “analyst”, but a new report from Computerword.com claims the CEO of Microsoft, Steve Ballmer didn’t just retire a peaceful retirement but was indeed forced out after the $900 million Surface RT write-off.

Patrick Moorhead, principal analyst with Moor Insights & Strategy claims that “He was definitely pushed out by the board,”  during an interview Friday. He claims that “They either drove him out, or put him in a situation where he felt he had to leave to save face”. Now where he gets his information is a mystery and, in my own opinion, I believe he just pulled it out of a place out of his back region that is connected to his legs and upper back.

Case in point, he then follows his assumptions by saying “the biggest clue that Ballmer was pushed and didn’t leave of his own free will was the 12-month timetable Microsoft said it would use to find a CEO successor” and that “Typically, a board will be working behind the scenes for a replacement, but they’ve given themselves 12 months,”. Although his argument in any case could be a valid one, we will hold all comments until this is proven to be a factual truth and not just a general opinion. Cause we all know opinions are like.. ” a place in the back region that is connected to legs and your upper back”. They come very large, medium and some small, but everybody does have one…MBGW

Source: Computerworld  Forbes Wmpoweruser


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