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Sony Pokes Fun at Xbox One Changes, Microsoft Answers Back

August 22, 2013 No Comments

The Xbox One is as it stands now is not the same machine that was announced at E3. Microsoft has made tons of changes to the services as gamers (and tons of PS fanboys) took to the internet to declare war on Microsofts new strategy. Shortly after, we saw Microsoft stepped back and made changes like decaring that the Kinect could be unplugged and that the Xbox One did not have to be online everyday.

Sony took to the stage at Gamescom and poked fun of Microsoft’s swaying stance on the Xbox One.

“While others have shifted their message and changed their story, we were consistent in maintaining a message that is fair and in tune with consumer desires,”

Microsoft didn’t take that lightly however as Microsoft Studio’s vice-president Phil Spencer replied to recent criticisms by stating that “Microsoft’s willingness to listen to its customers was a strength, not a shortcoming”.

Other people will do and say what they’re going to say. Fine. We’re running our program. That’s a strength of who we are,”

“We built a platform for gamers. Gamers invest their time and their money in the things they want to play, and they’re going to invest their time in telling us what they love about the platform, and they’re giving us feedback on areas where they have more critical feedback.”

“The two-way conversation we have with our customers is a strength. Certain people have tried to turn that into something that’s a bad thing about what we’re trying to do, and I just disagree.”

I for one loved everything about the Xbox One when it was announced at E3. I honestly wish Microsoft wouldn’t of have changed a thing. However, a consoles launch is too important to not make the needed changes to make gamers happy. Hopefully, we will see things like games library sharing in the future as something you can opt-in to.


Source: Eurogamer, Kotaku

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