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Business Insider Strongly Believes Windows Phone Is Still Able To “Crush” The iPhone

August 18, 2013 No Comments

Windows Phone users know the truth. Microsoft has an uphill battle on its hands and without question the odds are certainly not in its favor. That being said, The Windows Phone is still one of the most innovative OS’s of our time. The guys at MS intentionally, bowed out of the race of having the “newest OS” back when the first iPhone and Android platform was released, knowing that they needed to put the much needed time to innovate to create the “best OS”. Jump forward 3 years and we now have a market that is saturated with cheap imitation devices that continue to plague the smartphone market of quality design today. There’s not much to say for the likes of some mobile Operating Systems, but concerning the fight between Microsoft and Apple,  the fight is only beginning to begin. Below is 9 ways that Business Insider gives in their interpretation on Windows Phone is still without question able to crush the iPhone:

  1. Some Windows Phone apps look a lot better than they do on iPhone
  2. Windows Phone’s built-in integration of Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are lifesavers
  3. Multitasking is a lot better on Windows Phone
  4. Live Titles are a smart answer to iPhone’s lack of widgets
  5. You get more hardware options with Windows Phone 8
  6. Text messaging incorporates Facebook messages too
  7. Profiles for your contacts have a lot more useful information
  8. You don’t have to pay extra to edit documents
  9. The world’s best smartphone camera only comes with Windows Phone 8

I do encourage you to read the Business Insiders article in its entirety, but what did you think of the top 9 reasons ? Is this list complete, and if not what would you consider the top reasons on why Windows Phone will dominate the iPhone in the future? Your thoughts below…MBGW

Source: Business Insider  Photo from: pc-pedia.de



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