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Concept: Windows Phone 8.1/ WP9 w/ Interactive Live Tiles (video)

July 24, 2013 2 Comments

Here is a very interesting concept built by Christian Del Rosario. The 5 minute video shows a concept for the next big Windows Phone update which might be Windows Phone 8.1 or Windows Phone 9.

Christian Del Rosario

This concept UI video is created for WP 8.1 or 9.0. It contains elements that windows phone users were asking and features present in windows 8.0/8.1. I made the presentation using MS PowerPoint 2013. The music is Lenka’s “Everything at Once” instrumental, I used audacity to make the song longer than 5 min. Then the video and music were merged using windows movie maker.

I do not own the images/pictures used to create the UI, I got them from the net. And please don’t be mad if you find some ideas similar to other concept UIs.

These are the features in my concept UI I detail:

  • Flexible OS – this concept introduces a flexible OS, wherein it fashions itself according to hardware present. For example, if the OS detects a dual core processor, it will prevent itself from operating more than 10 apps simultaneously in the background. If the OS detect a screen resolution of less than 720p, it will show maximum of 4 columns in the startscreen and will not let the user use splitscreen. Higher screen resolution also adjusts the font size of the screen so that texts will not become too large.
  • Startscreen – this UI supports up to 6 columns, with more tile sizes up to 6×4. This means apps can show more information per tile.
  • Interactive live tiles – tiles are more interactive than ever. Tiles now support buttons that are clickable. Not anymore do you need to open the app to do simple stuff like mark as read, or delete messages. You can do them directly from the startscreen.
  • Folders – sometimes, our startscreen gets too cramped because we add many important tiles on it. Now, we can combine tiles into folders. It’s up to you how to use it.
  • All apps view – similar to windows 8.1, the all apps view can now be sorted the way to want it. Apps can also be grouped according to the user’s preferences. Groups are expandable and collapsible so users can search apps easier. Users can also hide apps of course.
  • Integrated search – your search button is more useful than ever. For example, if you are in the messenger and tapped on search button, it will search initially the messenger, followed by other apps, files and the net. Finishing the search will direct you to search hero. Still, everything is powered by Bing.
  • Voice search – voice search is even more powerful. It functions as a regular search engine that uses search hero, as well as a way to open apps, communicate with people, or ask for anything.
  • volume profile – many users wanted different volume for their ringtone, alarms etc. pressing the volume rocker changes the master volume, but users can adjust further the volume by pressing the “…” beside the master volume.
  • Gestures – this UI follows the gestures from win8. Apps can now be switched by swiping from the left edge. Apps can also be closed by swiping down from the top edge. Users can also activate splitscreen by swiping from left edge then holding the app at the center.
  • More gestures – swiping up from different points at the bottom edge opens different features. Up from back button opens the task manager. Up from the windows button opens the quick launch and up from the search button opens TellMe (voice search).
  • Task manager – your task manager is now packed with features. From here, you can easily close app/multiple apps, and create splitscreen. You can also manage data usage from the task manager. And finally, you don’t need to hold the back button for 2 seconds to show task manager. An upward swipe from the back button opens it!
  • Quick launch – this UI introduces a faster way to reach your apps from anywhere. By swiping up from the windows button, 6 customizable apps can be accessed.
  • Downloads hub – user can now access download hub, a hub that organizes all downloads from your apps. From here current downloads can be paused, resumed or stopped. Recently downloaded files can also be opened from the hub.
  • Apps portrait/landscape view – some apps like videos permanently runs on landscape. On this UI, such apps are now fashioned to run on either view.
  • Notification center – a short swipe from the right edge shows a peek view of the notification screen. From there, users can see 1×1 tiles of apps with notification and the number of notifications. Tapping on one of the tiles will open the first page of the app. at the bottom of the peek view is a permanent tile for settings app.
  • Notification center (full) – a long swipe from the right edge opens the full view of the notification center. From there you can access/control the music and the volume profile. Apps with current multiple notifications can be collapsed and expanded. Tapping on the particular notification will direct the user to the exact spot on the app.
  • Lock screen – the lock screen has been slightly changed to accommodate the quick launch and notification screen. The notification icons are now lined vertically at the right side of the screen. Apps can be opened directly from the notification screen and quick launch.


The most interesting thing about this concept and what I back completely is giving the users ability to interact with live tiles. Simple funtions like shown in the Xbox Music tile (in this concept) could really be used on all sorts of apps and even wifi/bluetooth control.

What do you guys think?


Source: Christian Del Rosario via: MNB, Reddit

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  • soumitro316

    This is awesome…Microsoft needs to hire you man

  • Wig

    Some good ideas…

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