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Hack: Get ‘Halo: Spartan Assault’ on Your AT&T Windows Phone Now

July 19, 2013 No Comments

Halo: Spartan Assault launched yesterday on the Windows and Windows Phone Stores. The sad part however is the fact that the game is a Verizon exclusive for a full month in the US. If you are an AT&T customer however, two redditors have already figured out how to get it on your Windows Phone 8 devices.

The instructions are as follows: ( From Redditors Halospthrowaway and boxterguy via WMPU)

  1. Install Fiddler2 (download here)
  2. Open Fiddler, Tools -> Fiddler Options
  3. Click the HTTPS tab, enable “Decrypt HTTPS traffic”, and accept all the popups about installing certificates
  4. Click the Connections tab and enable “Allow remote computers to connect”. Restart Fiddler
  5. Rules -> Customize Rules (or ctrl+r)
  6. Find OnBeforeRequest
  7. Add the following: if (oSession.uriContains("marketplaceedgeservice.windowsphone.com") && oSession.uriContains("&moId=att-us&")) { oSession.url = oSession.url.Replace("&moId=att-us&", "&moId=vzw-us&"); }
  8. Now you need to configure your phone’s wifi connection to enable proxy, using your PC’s IP address (open a cmd prompt and run “ipconfig”, you should see something in the range of 192.168.x. or 10.x.x.x) and port 8888
  9. On your phone, go to http://yourip:8888/FiddlerRoot.cer and install the certificate so your phone will trust the redirected URLs
  10. Open the store and search for Halo Spartan Assault
  11. Open the page with the “Buy” button
  12. Leaving the store open, go back to wifi settings and turn off the proxy. You can also now close Fiddler
  13. Go back to the store and purchase the game.
  14. Wait for it to download and enjoy.

 Please note that there is a chance that you might have to do this everytime you have to update the game.

I personally haven’t tried the above trick as I loaded the game onto my Yoga 13 (windows 8). It should hold me until the 30 days of Verizon exclusivity is over. My advice is just to wait the month but if you can’t, let us know how the trick above turned out.


Free to Try – Buy for $6.99

Free to Try – Buy for $6.99

App Info:
Halo: Spartan Assault brings the excitement of Halo combat to touch-based devices for the very first time. Battle your way through 25 action-packed missions against the Covenant as you explore the origin of the Spartan Ops program and Halo 4′s Spartan Commander, Sarah Palmer.

Earn Xbox achievements, complete mission and weekly challenges, unlock new customizations for your Halo 4 career, and compete against your friends for the top scores in the leaderboards.

It’s time to join the assault, Spartan!

*Halo Spartan Assault requires users to sign into Xbox with a Microsoft account to play.

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