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Microsoft Launches One Stop Shop for All Your Windows Dev Needs

June 21, 2013 No Comments

Microsoft has recently announced a one stop shop partner directory for Windows Store devs.

What is it?

This directory is where you’ll find the partners who offer services for Windows Store apps. These services help you to 1) build great app experiences,  2) achieve great economics, and 3) broaden your reach opportunity. To support these goals, we’re working with partners on the main verticals (advertising, analytics, notifications, payments, BaaS, SSO, and Controls & Frameworks) and many more will arrive in the coming months.

We made the site intuitive and easy to navigate; you’ll find your areas’ filters on the left. For example, the Has Offers filter provides special deals for you. Some of them offer something for free, even if it is for a short period of time. You’ll find our Partner Spotlightat the top, which changes regularly. The highlighted partner offers something unique (a compelling story, a great offer, a convincing case study, or just a very cool video).

When you click on a partner, you go a level deeper where you’ll see links to their Windows Store app’s SDKs and documentation as well as their case studies and how-to videos.

This partner directory is a way to save time and find everything (or most things) in one place. It helps you to be aware of, consider, and try out new and different services.

Check it all out here


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