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Wordness: New Fun + Free Word Game (Windows Phone + Windows 8/RT)

June 18, 2013 No Comments


Here is a new word game for Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT that is getting pretty popular. The game is called Wordness and it is free with in-app purchasing. You have to connect through Facebook or Google which kind of sucks but it is a pretty creative and fun to play game.


  • Play with facebook friends or random opponents
  • MagicTiles to help you complete your incomplete words
  • Push notifications and live tiles to keep you always informed
  • Snapped view game play keeps you always in gameplay
  • Beautiful themes to dress your game with colours of your choice
  • Available for both Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8

Playing Instructions :

Player can either choose to play with their Facebook friends or can play against a random opponent. Players are given with a 5×5 Tile board with randomly placed letter each having a weightage.  Player on his turn can make a word with as much as letters he can by piling tiles in a list above the given board. A word must be a proper English word.Tiles that are used to make words have different states. In any given move, tiles on the board can have three states with following characteristics:

  • a) Player owns the letter tiles from which he has made the word. If Player makes a word from the letter tiles owned by his opponent, he will not only own the opponent’s tiles, but would cause to subtract the opponent’s score as well. Colours in light tones differentiate ownership of a tile. If your word is missing an alphabet, magic tiles can rescue you. Magic tiles are limited and can be purchased within game
  • b)  The tiles that are owned by a player in such a way that all its surrounding tiles are also owned by same player, those tiles would be regarded as locked tiles. If opponent tries to use locked tiles neither he will be awarded nor would the score of the player owing the locked tiles be subtracted. Lock can only be unlocked if other player gets the ownership of any of the surrounding tiles. Colours in dark tones differentiate locked state of tile
  • c) Any tile that is neither own nor locked by any of the player will be regarded as free tile (and have whitish colour).
  • d) If each and every tile of the board is either owned or locked by any of player, the game will be over.

Free to Download  ( Windows Phone 8 )

Windws 8/RT

App Info:
Wordness is a strategic multi-player word game which has flavors of all the available board word games like   “Scrabble”, “Words With Friends”, “Wordament”. Though inspired from these games, Wordness is uniquely different for its gameplay and design and is exclusively available for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

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