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Taptitude Devs Celebrate 1 Million WP Downloads – WP ‘great market for indie developers’

June 18, 2013 No Comments

Our friends over at FourBros Studio the creators of Taptitude have announced that their game has hit one million downloads on Windows Phone. They also took the time out to show their data and even give words of wisdom to to future devs looking to publish mobile games.

FourBros Studio:

  1. Windows Phone continues to be a great market for indie developers.
    Taptitude has been more successful than we had ever dreamed, and even after two years we’re still bringing in significant revenue off of Windows Phone advertising.  While eCPM has dropped, the market has grown, and we’re happy with the results.  IAP was added in WP8, which opens up new revenue streams, but we’ve yet to fully realize this potential.
  2. The mini-game collection model continues to resonate with our users.
    Taptitude has grown from a small collection of only 5 mini-games to over 80 mini-games with increasing quality and complexity.  We can see from in-game stats that our users are very sticky, some of which have put many days of in-game time into Taptitude.  We have optimized for bite sized fun, getting users to come back every day, and continuously expanding the game so users stay engaged for months. This has yielded consistently high impressions per user.
  3. There is significant headroom for future growth.
    While Taptitude is doing well on Windows Phone, we’ve only just begun.  We’ve recently ported Taptitude to iOS, Android, and Windows 8 and we look forward to having enough data to compare. By some reports, Windows Phone only has ~5% of the market share, so with the addition of Android and iOS we could be looking at substantial gains in the next 6 months to a year.  We’ve nailed the ad-supported model, but we have a lot of work ahead to monetize IAP without impacting the game negatively.

We hope sharing this data will help other indiesunderstand the market and make better decisions about how to roll out fantastic mobile games.  It’s too tempting for most developer to see huge numbers on iOS/Android and think that these are the only platforms worth targeting.  We’re living proof that Windows Phone, even with its smaller market share, is a great platform to kick start your game project while you get it ready for the big (and more competitive) markets.  If your game isn’t developed with a million dollar budget, you might consider a similar strategy.


You can read their whole blog post here
If you haven’t downloaded Taptitude yet, what are you waiting for? It is filled with over 75 games and it is free!

Free to Download

Windws 8/RT

App Info:
Try to collect all 400 stars, or compete online with realtime, weekly, and world leaderboards.  Earn coins along the way and buy upgrades to your favorite games!  Unlock Stat badges to track your achievements.

Taptitude is updated every week with new content and features!

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