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Voice Agenda: Set Up Your Calendar in Style

June 4, 2013 1 Comment

Check your calendar and/or set up appointments on your Windows Phone 8 device in style with Voice Agenda.



Basically it is a voice controlled app, allowing the user to create new appointments and list their schedule. When creating a new appointment you can say “voice agenda, add a new appointment” – the app will start up and allow the user to “say” the value for each field in the appointment. The start time field accepts full dates and times, like “April 4th 2014 at 11:00 AM”, and relative dates and times, like “Friday at 2 PM”. Another way to add an appointment is “voice agenda, quick add an appointment” – this lets the user say the appointment all at once, such as “Meeting with Ed on Monday at 4 PM in my office for 15 minutes”.

Secondly, the app lets you easily get your schedule for the day, or for any day in the week. Simply say “voice agenda, what’s my schedule” and get your agenda for the remainder of the day. The app will then read them to you so you don’t even have to look at your phone. It also accepts “voice agenda, what’s my schedule for tomorrow” (or any day of the week). Once on the list page, press the menu button to change to any day – even a full date such as July 1st.

With four different live tiles, all of which can be pinned and colored independently, and with lock screen integration (next 3 appointments), I think Voice Agenda is pretty slick. Of course, I may be biased 🙂

Voice Agenda is $0.99 with a free trial available. The free trial has an ad on the list page and limits the background task to 24 hours, meaning the user needs
to run the app once a day to maintain the live tiles. The full version has no ad and no background task limitation (other than the 14 day limitation imposed by the OS). As a voice app it is WP8 only.

Speech commands are supported for en-US and en-GB. Internal speech recognition is English. I am working with someone on an Italian version but I have no estimates on when that may be complete.

New Features:

  • Change the color of the live tiles!  Each style can be a different color.
  • Selectable calendar accounts!  Hide certain accounts from the live tiles, lock screen, and from within the app itself.
  • Silent mode, to not read your agenda out loud while in public.
  • Date parsing now includes year!  Set those next year appointments, like “April 4th 2014” or “September 28th 2015”, etc.
  • List agenda for another date without exiting the app!  New “switch day” button on the agenda list page lets you see the next or previous day, an upcoming day of the week, or any full date (including year).

Try for Free – Buy for $0.99

App Info:
Use your voice to enter new appointments and get your schedule!  Hold down the Start (Windows) button, and say…
– “Voice Agenda, what’s my agenda for today?”
– “Voice Agenda, list my appointments for tomorrow.”
– “Voice Agenda, what’s my schedule for next [Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday].”
– “Voice Agenda, add a new appointment.”
– “Voice Agenda, quick add an appointment.”

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