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Microsoft Announces 256GB Surface Pro (press release)

May 29, 2013 1 Comment

Microsoft  has announced that it is adding a 256GB option to its Surface Pro device in June starting in Japan. The Surface Pro version in Japan will also get Office built in, something we only see with Windows RT versions here in the states.

Only time will tell when the beefed up version of the Surface Pro will hit the US and the rest of the world.

Press Release: (translated Using Bing)

Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.: the product line-up of “Surface” series, add a new tablet PC that has evolved equipped with 8 Pro Windows the “Surface Pro”, (Head Office Minato-ku, Tokyo), the June 7 2013 I will be released from (Fri.).
Surface Pro is a tablet PC that is equipped with 8 Pro Windows is the top-level edition of 8 Windows Intel Core i5 processor, operating system (OS), with a powerful performance to the CPU. In addition to the 8 apps Windows, you can use the traditional desktop applications, even in private in the work, I play an active part on the go.

In the Japanese market model, it is possible that a standard feature (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook) and Office Home and Business 2013, you use the Office products, including Outlook immediately after purchase. In addition, as the Japanese market customers to stick to specifications, the more storage 64GB, which is sold in other countries market, rather than the configuration of 128GB, it will sell two models of 256GB and 128GB. In addition, 256GB model, will be sold prior to the other countries market.
In addition to the features in common with the Surface RT on sale current body of magnesium alloy, such as HD camera of two integrated Kickstand (kick stand), and touch cover / type cover, Surface Pro is a dedicated pen that was included Other operations are possible, with a mini display port or 3.0 port Full HD screen, USB, I have come to meet the wide range of needs as the main PC.

It has become a pricing reference price of the body is cut ¥ 100,000 while equipped (including tax) Dilshan, the Office product 99,800 yen.

  • Surface Pro 128GB model: 99,800 yen (tax included)
  • Surface Pro 256GB model: 119,800 yen (tax included)
  • Surface Pro is released Microsoft Store and mass merchandisers group (online store) or less for general and personal direction. (In alphabetical order)
  • Main store of 100 full and bolts EDION Corporation all stores
  • major stores K’s Denki Group is engaged And its group companies Bic Camera Co., Ltd. And its group companies Yamada Denki Co., Ltd. Yodobashi Camera Co., Ltd.

(Note) As for the sale of corporate, it will be announced separately.

In Japan, Microsoft, co-promotion to match the launch of Surface Pro, announced in Surface RT at the time of the release and (Beams) BAROQUE Japan and (baroque groups), BEAMS is a major brand in Japan and “Ghost in the Shell ARISE” As part of this effort, will be conducted in the plan of up to 30 June 2013 from June 7, 2013 a campaign collaboration keyboard design of the original hit. It is a thing that the target buyers of Surface Pro or Surface RT, to be provided by the lottery each color touch cover for this campaign original design was given. For more information, please refer to the site.
Surface design keyboard present campaign site:

Main product features

  • VaporMg (Beipamagu) body
    It combines the robustness and thinness, mass is made of ultra-light magnesium alloy of about 1/3 of aluminum, the material of the body, is ideal for use in mobile environments that require the strength and lightness more.
  • Integrated Kickstand (kick stand)
    It is useful and when you are in the mood to watch a movie to relax, when you want to work without distractions, it is kick stand equipped in the main body. The independent firm if Tatere the stand, it was beyond the tablet up to now, you can use a wide range of scene. It has been adjusted to be the angle of the optimal 22 ° when you stood in kick stand, Web camera mounted respectively on the back and the front can also be useful, such as video chat.
  • Touch cover / cover type
    It includes a touch cover with choice (the magenta pink black, white, cyan and blue) 4 color, pressure-sensitive keyboard ultra-thin 3mm, a keyboard that has a key stroke feeling that I did well while being thin as 6mm I can choose from two types of cover was. With a cover innovative with keyboard functions on the functionality of the screen protection, both types, brings the convenience of tablet or more traditional. It is the design that character input is automatically disabled when I fold the cover.
  • Pen
    Pen of Surface Pro dedicated electromagnetic induction method better response is attached. Or converted to a character handwritten notes, and put a sign handwritten in the documentation, I play an active part in various scenes. It can be a variety of expression by sensing the pen pressure, and rub a line written in ass pen, is “eraser” is comfortable to use, such as pencil true. I can carry it with the side of the main body by a strong magnet when not in use.
  • HD widescreen display
    Screen of 10.6 inches is a wide-screen high-definition 1920×1080 further than Surface RT. Because the aspect ratio is 16:9, it is best to also enjoy the video. It uses a Gorilla Glass of high strength, and protect the screen or dropping scratches, shocks etc.
  • HD 720p camera two
    I am employed in both the front camera, rear camera, the camera HD720p LifeCam microphone software with a reputation in high quality. You can shoot high-definition image quality with the camera either. In addition, the Surface Pro, also with the use of any lighting under, the ability to adjust to optimize the color brightness and also features.
  • USB port (USB 3.0)
    Order to provide higher scalability, it is equipped with a USB 3.0 port that can send data faster. In this way, you can connect a variety of external memory and accessories.
  • microSD slot
    By inserting a microSD card, it can be used as an extension memory. It supports standard microSD, microSDHC, of ​​microSDXC, you can save the data of up to 64 GB.
  • OS that can be used for a variety of applications, Windows 8 Pro with
    I have adopted the OS 8 Pro top-level edition of Windows Windows 8. In addition to all the features of Windows 8, to keep more secure connection to the network of companies and schools by domain participation, access, and information to a file while away from home, 8 Pro Windows is, data encryption you use the BitLocker We have such as the provision of extended data protection and other mosquitoes, enhanced functionality and more. Of course, the browser that is optimized you can access the content and applications that you use frequently, new Start screen, the touch operation, such as SkyDrive cloud services that can be used seamlessly with the 10, OS Internet Explorer, also convenience and newness of Windows 8 only provides.
  • The pre-installed Office Home and Business 2013
    The Surface Pro to be sold in Japan, we are pre-installed Office Home and Business 2013 the latest. From the day when simple and easy to use, it also supports cloud and touch operation, it was purchased, it is a model high price benefits which you can utilize to work or hobby. Use the full-featured, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook is installed.

Information of Surface in Japan, I will continue to publish sequentially www.microsoft.com/japan/surface/.
Surface products and price list to be released this time, and product specifications, please refer to the attached document.


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