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RagDoll Run V2 is Here! Huge Update Free Update (Ragdollars and More)

May 5, 2013 No Comments

Our very good friends at Dawnbreak Studios has launched a HUGE update to their very popular game Ragdoll Run. The game is now standing proud at version 2.0 and has a bunch of new features packed into it.


 So what does 2.0 bring to the table? The biggest improvement is that we have added a shop to the game, the single most requested feature from the gamers. We have removed the ability to save coins and jewels and instead unified all collectibles in a in-game currency known as “Ragdollars”. Players get’s Ragdollars from every race and can use Ragdollars to buy costumes for characters, in-game themes and wallpapers for their phone. Ragdoll Run also have in-app purchases now so if gamers need more Ragdollars, they can be bought either by using Paypal or by simply sending a text message.
Oh, and gamers who has already collected a bunch of coins and jewels in earlier versions of the game will of course not be left out. When updating to 2.0, all earlier collected coins and jewels will be converted to Ragdollars.
WHAT’S NEW? (V2.0)
  • Added unified currency “Ragdollars” (Collected coins and jewels will be automatically converted to RD
  • Your total score from every race will now earn you Ragdollars
  • Added In-game shop “Ragshop”
  • Added 24(!) new costumes for characters in the Ragshop
  • Added 2 new In-game backgrounds in the Ragshop
  • Added 3 new wallpapers (lock-screens) for your phone in the Ragshop
  • Changed the unlock criteria for Cookie, Flurry, Papa Joe, Snorre and Jolly
  • Changed the value of Coins
  • Changed the value of Jewels
  • Balanced Chicky’s ability “Easter Egg”
  • Added new icon to Ragdoll Run


Free to Download

Premium (No Ads) fr $0.99

App Info:

Easy to pick up. Impossible to put down.

Dawnbreak Studios presents a mindblowing new take on freerunners. Venture into a spectacular world of ragdolls and compete against the whole world online! Thanks to the colorful 3D graphics and intuitive gesturebased gameplay, this is the perfect game for both children and adults.

Swipe up to jump. Swipe down when on green blocks to rotate the stage. Now you are good to go!

Choose a character and start running! We will add new ragdolls continuously in updates, which will of course always be free. All ragdolls have different abilities, guaranteeing different playstyles.

High resolution 3D graphics in 60 FPS serves a visually stunning experience and the playful artstyle makes Ragdoll Run stand out from the competition.

Want to compete locally on your phone or against the whole world online? Or take part in Ragdoll Runs weekly challenges? It’s all your choice.

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