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Hulu Plus Coming To Windows Phone 8 In The Near Future

April 14, 2013 4 Comments

For those with no idea on what Hulu Plus is, it’s a service that offers unlimited instant streaming of current hit shows and acclaimed movies. This VOD service allows you to watch current season episodes of shows like Modern Family, New Girl, Family Guy and many more for only $7.99 a month. Recently, a member from Reddit contacted Hulu support about their future plans on the Windows Phone platform. Below is the response they were given by a Duncan R. from Hulu Support: 


It is pretty sweet indeed that more and more developers are adapting to the platform sooner rather than later. The app is currently on the Windows 8 OS so naturally the developers response should be to support the Windows Phone as well. Lets just hope HBO GO and the rest of the ”Video On-Demand” apps follow suit..MBGW

Source: Reddit MNB


I am a ghostwriter..don't know what I do look it up.. I just so happen to have this WP8, so why not write about it? :-)

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