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Jungle Mamba: New + Fun Snake Game for your Windows Phone

April 10, 2013 1 Comment



The blugri development team was inspired by the concept of the classic arcade game SNAKE. The game SNAKE, originated in the late 1970’s, became massively popular as the standard pre-loaded game on Nokia mobile phones in 1998. blugri’s Jungle Mamba is a new generation of SNAKE with a slick, appealing design. Think: rainforest plants, leaves and flowers, nicely hand drawn by our designer.

Jungle Mamba is the smoothest and most intuitive SNAKE you have ever experienced. Check out how fluently that little snake moves, almost lifelike!

The player starts the game by choosing his favorite mamba snake. Every snake has special abilities that influence the level of difficulty, like moving slower or faster. Next, the player picks his favorite rainforest setting that mimics a small, medium or large jungle. Then the game can start!

The player lets its snake eat as much fruit as possible. But as the snake eats, its tail grows longer and longer, making it more difficult to move. Poisonous dragon fruit, fruit manias and other special types of fruit add extra fun to the game.

Jungle Mamba has been created exclusively for Windows Phone, and is available around the world. It can be downloaded from the marketplace.

As 2013 is the Chinese year of the snake, we created a version in Chinese! Next to this, the game is also available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Dutch.



  • High-quality graphics & sounds
  • 4 different snakes, with different abilities. 1 snake is unlocked, 3 others
    can be unlocked by achieving high scores
  • 3 different jungles, in three different sizes
  • Jungle fruits that can poison or heal your snake
  • Left handed and right handed gameplay
  • Detailed statistics
  • Unlimited fun
  • Available in 7 languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch and


blugri is an indie game development studio, headquartered in the heart of Europe, Brussels! Our mission is to design your favorite mobile games: simple or innovative, but most of all high quality and fun. Players love our first games Sudoku, Solitaire and Boxes.

Disclaimer: no cats or animals of any kind were harmed during production.


Free to Download

App Info:
Jungle Mamba from blugri: a classic snake game with fantastic graphics and intuitive controls.

Choose your favorite jungle, pick your favorite snake, and let it eat as much fruit as possible. The more fruit your snake eats, the longer its tail grows!

But watch out for the poisonous dragon fruit and red peppers, or take advantage of the healthy bananas!

Remember to stay away from your own tail. Good luck!

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