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App Spotlights: Now Available on the Windows Phone Store (Perfect Tool for Devs, WP Fans)

April 10, 2013 1 Comment

Here is a brand new app from our friends at DotNetApp. App Spotlights is an app that focuses on the apps that Microsoft spotlights on the Windows Phone Store. Better yet, it takes information from all the markets and give you way more information at that.

I got a chance to use it briefly before it was available on the store and it works really well. I can see this being a pretty cool app for WP fans to filter their way through the best the store has to offer but it is indispensable to developers as they can track their apps and get alerted whenever they are highlighted in the store.

Windows Phone Buyers:

  • Access to more than 2400 spotlighted apps from all 121 markets every day.
  • Have more confidence when buying a spotlighted app.
  • Consult three charts to find out the most spotlighted apps in the marketplace.
  • Navigate faster than the built-in Store app when looking for spotlighted apps.

Windows Phone Developers:

  • Get notified when your apps are in the spotlights in any markets. Share the news with potential buyers on your favorite social networks.
  • Obtain a detailed history when your apps were in the spotlight in each market.
  • Analyze the impact on your downloads when your apps are in the spotlight.
  • Track the the visibility of your competitors.

Other features:

  • Toast and Live Tile notifications.
  • Lock screen information from App Spotlights can be used.
  • Fast loading and resume.

Trial version:

  • In the 3 charts, the top 5 are hidden apps.
  • A developer can only add one app.
  • Notifications are disabled

Developer: I present you App Spotlights (WP8 only). As a Windows Phone developer, I can tell you that one of the best gift a developer can received is when one of his apps are in the spotlights. First, it’s an honor from Microsoft to be selected and secondly, it has a huge impact on the downloads. Currently, there is not any human way to know every day when an app is featured or not. There is 121 markets to verify. My app main feature is notifying the developers with a live tile notification and a toast.

Aside from the main feature, the non-developers can enjoy viewing quickly the current spotlight. My app displays 20 apps compared to the Store app, where the user is limited to 8 spotlighted apps and it takes a lot of taps to see those apps. The user can also select any other market from the 121 current markets.

Note: Spotlight statistics have been calculated since February 17th 2013.


Free to Try – $1.99 to Buy (33% off until April 17th)

App Info:
App Spotlights is a perfect companion for Windows Phone app buyers and an indispensable tool for developers.

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