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Popular Xbox Platformer “Ms. Splosion Man” Headed To iOS Next Week, Coming To Windows Phone Soon

March 23, 2013 3 Comments

Twisted Pixel’s platform sequel Ms. Splosion Man will finally launch onto Apple’s iOS  and PC sometime next week. The developer made the announcement early last year, around this time and promised a Windows Phone version as well. Twisted Pixel reconfirmed the release for Windows Phone but at this point could only say that it would be coming soon. Check out the announcement trailer that was released nearly a year ago below:

Ms. Splosion Man was launched originally in 2011 on the XBLA store and its senior counterpart Mr. Spolsion Man(2009) is about twice that. What we’ve also learned is that with the release of the iOS version the port will run at a solid 60fps(something not even the XBLA counterpart offered) and will feature some exclusive power-ups, such as a bullet-time option and something called “nuclear ‘splode.”.With that being said, lets just hope the Windows Phone version will be greeted with the same level of enthusiasm when it launches..one day..in a not so distant future…..MBGW

Source: Pocketgamer.co.uk Twisted Pixel


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