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Rayman Jungle Run Now Available For Windows 8

March 9, 2013 1 Comment
The legendary platforming hero has made the jump to Windows 8! This version is Xbox enabled and includes the expected achievements. The game  is powered by the same UbiArt Framework engine that brought you Rayman Origins – Winner of numerous Game of the Year and Platformer of the Year awards. Rayman Jungle Run is easy for all ages to pick up and play, but challenging for the longtime Rayman fans to master.  Unlock the Land of the Livid Dead levels if you have the skills! Take as look at the trailer below:
  • Join Rayman in 50 gorgeous levels and try to bring as many lums as you can!
  • New powers to unlock as you progress: jump, punch, fly, run on wall…
  • 5 worlds to discover each with their own atmosphere and gameplay
  • Unlock the challenging land of the livid deads levels if you have the skills
  • Play the game as Rayman or Globox!


The game is headed to Windows Phone 8 in the near future as well, including two more Xbox enabled titles.

Download the title for $2.99 in the Windows 8 Store Below:

Source: Windows Store



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