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Three High End Nokia Windows Phone’s Coming? ‘Catwalk’ to T-Mobile?

March 1, 2013 2 Comments

At MWC 2013, Nokia showed off two new Windows Phones. The Lumia 720, a midrange device and the 520 which is a budget friendly Windows Phone.

None of the rumored high end Nokia Windows Phone devices made the big show but that doesn’t mean they aren’t on their way. The rumored 41MP Pureview device dubbed EOS for now looks to be an AT&T exclusive. Verizon is supposdly set to get an aluminum variant of the Lumia 920 codenamed ‘laser’ but might launch as the Lumia 928.

(fan created concept)

TheVerge is now reporting that the device codenamed ‘catwalk’ however will be a T-Mobile exclusive. The Phone is set to be another high-end variant of the Lumia 920 but thinner with an aluminum body.

Hopefully this will be set in stone soon and we see Nokia and Microsoft push Windows Phone 8 to a really high level.


Source: TheVerge via tmonews



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