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Nokia UK Provides Lumia Photography Tips From Rankin Film Productions

March 1, 2013 1 Comment

Nokia have teamed up with Rankin Film Productions for year two of Collabor8te — a scheme to support the next generation of image-makers. Alex from Rankin Film Productions explains digital ISO on your Lumia and shows you how to improve your photos in different lighting conditions. She also explains digital exposure value and shows you how to improve your photos in every situation for the best possible shot.
Take a look below at the video:

ISO Settings



Pretty neat if I do say so myself! Lets just hope we can get more tips on how to further use our video camera for the best shots while recording…MBGW

Source: WMPoweruser YouTube




I am a ghostwriter..don't know what I do look it up.. I just so happen to have this WP8, so why not write about it? :-)

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