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The Uprising: A Windows Phone 8 Rebellion

February 17, 2013 3 Comments

It seems that the many think Microsoft has been too slow with improving the Windows Phone platform overall. The general consensus is that we are the forgotten ones. With the most recent Skype release in which every platform except for the Windows Phone was greeted with the beta ability to send video messages, many are simply tired of feeling like a second class citizen..This effort(or lack thereof) has caused a great resonance among the many faithful users. Russian Windows Phone site WP7forum.ru has collected a whole assortment of defects and complaints to bring to official representatives of Microsoft in Russia where they have agreed to meet and discuss everything that’s upsetting to us…The issue most seem to have a problem with is Microsoft’s support for the third party apps.We here at Wp7Connect are big on games, so lets compare a recent third party release of the Xbox title, KooZac by Square Enix to a recent release on iOS entitled “The Drowning“:

Xbox Windows Phone Title KooZac:

The Drowning” F2P FPS for iOS:

Now, we aren’t asking for Microsoft to employ all the developers of the world (although it would be nice) to publish games/apps for the new platform, but we are asking for, at the least, are games and apps that were promised back in 2012 like the anticipated older ports of the 12 GameLoft Titles ..I think its about time we rebel, and with that we mean pursue Microsoft to release more of what the consumer wants with greater efforts. Now is the time to have your voice heard! We all know Microsoft is more than capable of doing so much more..MBGW

To learn more about the progress of the rebellion started by our friends at WP7fourms visit them HERE

Source: WP7fourms, WMPoweruser KooZac The Drowning Photo from: keepcalm-o-matic



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  • http://twitter.com/mxcmxc mxcmxc

    It sucks 🙁

  • lubba

    I’m starting to wonder myself what’s going on. But we all have heard rumors of project Blue. So is this what’s going to fill in the gap? MS has mad promises but slow at delivering. I’d gladly join the revolution, not because I’m against MS but more or less want answers.

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