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New Change.org Petition Launched To Get Microsoft To Move Faster On Apps

February 10, 2013 1 Comment

A new petition has sprung up on Change.org for those that are seeking Microsoft specifically to put greater effort in getting the ”major apps” It just so happens that after 2 years, while there are 150000 apps to download from the Windows Phone store, there a still quite a few missing that many need desperately. Below is a few that the petition sites:

These “Big Names” for apps include:

-Various Banking apps
-Temple Run
-BBC iPlayer

More on why the petition was formed:

Microsoft vowed from the beginning to entice app developers by offering “perks”. This has made little difference, since there are so many app developers who refuse to bring their apps over to Windows Phone. Nokia has made a decent effort, yet the apps remain exclusive to Nokia devices and they can’t go after all the app developers alone.

We want to call on Microsoft to put MUCH MORE effort in getting developers on board. Firstly, we want Microsoft to go after app developers more aggressively, by “bribing them” with different things, such as promotion of the app on the Windows Phone store, free dev devices, help with porting the apps over and (perhaps) cash awards.

Along with that, Microsoft should try to go after young developers in areas with large concentrations of Windows Phones, such as Italy, Finland, China and India by hosting events to teach people how to develop for the platform.

Sign The Petition Here:

The creator of the petition, has the right idea in mind, but in terms of effort, just what do you guys think? Is Microsoft giving only a half effort or are their hands pretty much tied behind their backs? Comment Below:

Thanks be to Sam the man for his awesome tips!!!

Source: Change.org


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