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Stephen Elop on RIM and Blackberry

February 4, 2013 2 Comments

Recently, Nokia took a jab at RIM and their new Blackberry device. Today, speaking to reporters in Sydney, Nokia chief executive Stephen Elop was asked about Blackberry.

He stated the following:

“I wouldn’t want to comment on how it [BlackBerry] looks. But when a business person or consumer is purchasing a smartphone today, what they are actually buying is much more than what you see in your hand,”

“They are certainly buying the hardware and operating system, but they are also buying the full range of applications that may be available for the device. They are buying the cloud based services that are required to make this a complete experience, like mapping, navigation and music.”

He added

“Photography is one case where we can make a big difference. You can put our device next to everyone else, including some of the ones just announced in the last day or so and say “boom this is so much better,” Mr Elop said.

“Side by side, unquestionably you can see the difference. Our R&D investment is now heavily biased towards the things that make us stand out. “


I honestly feel that RIM’s announcements were underwhelming recently, especially after how long it took for them to show off the new OS.

Do you think Microsoft and Nokia should worry about RIM and Blackberry?


Source: AFR


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  • Anonymous

    I actually really like the new Blackberry. Looks like a professional version of an iPhone. And hands down, the iPhone is a great phone (size and design). I love my 920s screen size for reading (and the resolution!), but it is getting too bulky for my pocket, wish it was more like my old 800. Same package size but the specs of the 920. That would be great. Especially Camera and PPI on a small scale.

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