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Microsoft Confirms XNA Is On Death Row

February 2, 2013 1 Comment

Let it be known that Microsoft is no longer actively developing XNA game development framework. Games like A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda  and Rocket Riot were in fact made using XNA in the past. Support for XNA on the Windows Phone 7 OS was the last major announcement for the engine, that later was removed in Windows Phone 8.  XNA/DirectX MVPs were sent the email below a few days back confirming Microsoft has officially ended any type of further development of the platform. Take a look:

Our goal is to provide you the best experience during your award year and when engaging with our product groups. The purpose of the communication is to share information regarding the retirement of XNA/DirectX as a Technical Expertise. The XNA/DirectX expertise was created to recognize community leaders who focused on XNA Game Studio and/or DirectX development. Presently the XNA Game Studio is not in active development and DirectX is no longer evolving as a technology. Given the status within each technology, further value and engagement cannot be offered to the MVP community. As a result, effective April 1, 2014 XNA/DirectX will be fully retired from the MVP Award Program. Because we continue to value the high level of technical contributions you continue to make to your technical community, we want to work with you to try to find a more alternate expertise area. You may remain in this award expertise until your award end date or request to change your expertise to the most appropriate alternative providing current contributions match to the desired expertise criteria. Please let me know what other products or technologies you feel your contributions align to and I will review those contributions for consideration in that new expertise area prior to the XNA/DirectX retirement date.

Please note: If an expertise change is made prior to your award end date, review for renewal of the MVP Award will be based on contributions in your new expertise.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this change.

Bummer, we know…but with that in mind, we just want to point out that Microsoft now supports so many other great engines now for Windows 8 and Window Phone 8, including Havok and Unreal. XNA is on its way out for the many developers that use it, and although XNA will definitely be missed, it will  never be forgotten…MBGW

Source: Microsoft News


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